Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

OY! Sorry haven't updated in awhile...

Have been posting daily on Frozen Memories' blog for their Twelve Day of Christmas sale! If you are in the area (Bartlett IL), please stop by and see what they've got! But do it soon, they closing for the holidays starting from Sunday, Dec 23rd. I need to get there and grab some PRIMA items that they have! YEAH! Need to play with the paintables!

What's going on with my life?! Man, the holidays and driving the boys around to their after-school activities. Have you try to drive around the Woodfield Mall area to get to tennis?! OY!

CHA-Winter is upon us (CHA=Craft & Hobby Association trade show/similar to the Hobby Show in Japan). So I am busy trying to sketch ideas from head to paper...I hope my friends at LaserLine can read or figure it out! LOL!! What's in the future? Hmmm...hint: more chipboard and ACRYLICS!!!!

Plus I have been teaching scrapbooking and related classes here at home in Japanese! What fun and it's challenging but it keeps me on my toes. Next year (or should I say next month), I plan to hold a monthly workshop on the second Friday at Mitsuwa Market in Arlington Hts. IL from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Unfortunately it's short but I have kids to pick up after school. But better than nothing, right!

I have been truly blessed with a healthier family this season...esp. after my DH's illness with Hunt's Syndrome and my bed-ordered rest during spring break...I am THANKFUL that we are OK! As most of you know, we are Buddhist so Christmas to us is more like family time - reflecting on how we spent the year and how we appreciate the fortune of good family, friends and memories/experiences.

Hope that you and your family are doing well and enjoying the holidays! Please take the time to just sit back and can be so hard during this time of year but just take that moment for yourself :0)

OH! I wanted to post this Christmas tree that I made (aka scraplifted from 2Peas...such talent over there!)....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Well...actually, it's belated since Japan is ahead of us! LOL!
But wanted to wish him a happy birthday anyway!

He is one of the most kind-hearted person I know! With all the demands at work and my parents depending on him the most, he is a trooper!

So dear David, here's to you! Hope you had a wonderful day!!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A second post in one day?!

Well, I wanted to try and make up for lost time! LOL!!

So in keeping with the season, I wanted to show a Christmas layout I did from leftover paper...what do you think?

The pattern papers & stickers are from Reminisce..too cute! I was going for how many pictures I can put on a one-page layout. The smaller pictures were edged with Ranger Ink's metallic dabbers in place of a mat.

The papers and stickers from Reminisce can be found at my favorite scrapbook store - Frozen Memories in Bartlett IL!

My 7 Random Facts.... friend, BeckyC, has gotten me out to post this - LOL!! Thanks, Miss B!

1. I LOVE the holiday season!

2. I HATE eggnog = YUK!

3. I LOVE "Miracle on 34th Street" & "The Christmas Carol"

4. I HATE the cold! We just got 5+" of snow dumped on last night & this morning.

5. I LOVE how the houses are decorated outside! We don't have landscaping at our new house (new construction) so that's in next year's budget.

6. I HATE the crowds during this time...even at the grocery store it's crowded! LOL!

7. I LOVE that we reconnect with friends & family through calls, parties and holiday cards!

OK....I tag everyone that's posting or lurking on my blog! LMK by leaving a comment so I can see what fun facts I learn about you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A warm fall day...

since my hubby had the day off on Monday, we went on a "date" - a hike around Spring Valley. It took an hour but there were lots to look at....just LOVE fall colors! I took my DSLR and wanted to share few photos that were taken:

Aren't some of the colors just beautiful....we had such a wonderful walk. The weather was just perfect - high 60s! Thanks for the date!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey, friends!

YIKES! It's the end of October...where did the time go?!

Sorry I haven't been posting...DH has been out of the country for most of the month so I've been doing the single parent thingy.

My brother is visiting from Japan...actually he's in Chicago on business so we got a chance to spend time with him while DH is off in LA this past weekend. The boys enjoy hanging out with their uncle...they speak the same language - HALO, Monster Hunter (all game-related software...way over my head! LOL!!).

Been working a few projects....of course, none of them are done so there's no pictures this time - SORRY! But I did play with Ranger's Crackle Paint....LOVE THEM!!! And playing with the Wizard....just got some of the newer dies and have been cutting away. I'm making some ornaments since the flood ruined all my Christmas stuff at our Wheaton home. The tree will go up after Halloween...heehee!!!

Oh, I just got my Silhouette (a cutting machine that looks like a printer....did that make sense?! LOL!!) from QuicKutz...did I tell you it was SO EASY to install and work? Got it up and running in about 20 minutes. Cut a lot of Japanese KANJI...the first cut was our last name in JAPANESE! It turned out so cool. A VERY EARLY Christmas gift from DH. Just LOVE it!!! time, I will post a picture of stuff! LOL!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

SPOOKY class...join if you dare!


Guess where I'll be teaching? At Scrappin Deals on October 13th (10am to NOON) and the 21st (2pm to 4pm) in Naperville IL!!!

I have been a customer of theirs for years (first when I lived in NJ) and now they have expanded their business to a creating studio - a place to well...create, of course! LOL!!

So come and create this wonderful word album (SPOOKY) with me! LOVE how it turned out and want to share with everyone each and every page worth! For those who aren't local but love the idea of this kit, you can order from Scrappin' Deals and they'll send one (or two or three...) out to you right away!

A BIG thank you to Jackie (the owner of Scrappin' Deal) for the opportunity and most of all, the FUN!

Hope to see you all at Scrappin' Deal!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Spaark It Up!

Hurray! The new web site for Spaark Album is up! Tammy @ Spaark did a wonderful job and it shows!

A "TOOT" for me as I went to peek at the home page, my 8x8 album cover is the featured project! YEAH!!! It's one of my favorite designs...I was able to incorporate my chipboard designs from LaserLine to make it happen! So thanks Spaark for loving it as much as I do!

Last Sunday, my family and I joined the Japan American Society's event at Brookfield Zoo. The day was warm but not overly hot. The event consisted a tour of the Lemur Monkey and a private dinner on the zoo grounds. The boys had fun but I think they're getting too old? for this place?! Ah, pre-teens....what to do with them! LOL!!

This is what greeted us at the south gate entrance of the zoo.

The Lemur monkeys (they're sisters) hanging around.

The baby polar bear having some fun while parents are sleeping! LOL!!

The black bear doing the back stroke....he was HUGE!

Oh! If you have any ideas on what kinds of events pre-teen boys would be interested, please do share! LOL!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers of 9/11

Before we go on with our day today, I just want to stop and give thanks that we were safe during the 9/11 was too close for comfort.

For those who don't know the background, we lived in NJ/NY area during the year we were attacked...our home was right on the Hudson River overlooking the Manhattan skyline. My DH worked in the Wall Street area and commuted via ferry. Many of his clients worked at the Twin Towers (aka World Trade Center) and would go there on a whim to visit them. He would comment every now and then before this tragedy that he felt uncomfortable being there. That morning he went in later (a conference call to Tokyo until 2am kept him) and he was on the ferry when he saw the second plane crash into the tower. The New York Port Authority radioed the ferry to turn around and go back to NJ. He was lucky...

My warm thoughts and comforting prayers to those who lost a loved one...words cannot express what you all are going through. But know that I have not forgotten the fear, the unknown, the quiet and mostly the smell of that day. Bless you that you have strength to get through this day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day!

I'm a little late with this!! The day is almost over but I wanted to share this layout I did a few days ago of my father and our youngest DS :0)

Need to do one with grandmom..ran out of time (sorry, mom!!) :0(

Isn't Hiro cute?! LOL! These pictures were taken in West New York, NJ where we lived for about 5 years. I think he was about 3 years old and my parents were visiting from Tokyo (small pics from top is Grand Central Station; middle is our family room; bottom is the skyline of NYC - this was our backyard & what a sight!).

Thanks for looking!
Everything on the LO is Rusty their stuff!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy September!!

Just a quick post!

Since it's "Back To School" season, I wanted to post a layout I did in 20 minutes. One of our customers at Frozen Memories commented why we only had one Rusty Pickle school paper and one sheet of school stickers...she couldn't do anything with it?! OK...I feel a challenge coming on! LOL!! So I took that piece of paper....well, actually two (I wanted to take advantage of the 2-sided design), thought of a layout design and went with it!

So yes you can do something with only one kind of 2-sided paper! LOL!!
How about you?! Post your link on my comments :0)

Have a great holiday weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Scrapbook Expo 2007

Well, another Scrapbook Expo has come & gone! PHEW! LOL!!!

For the first time, this year I worked a booth and what a booth! It was Dollar Scrapbooking and everything was a dollar! One smart woman thought up this idea (buy up overstock, pack up 'em in traveling pods and sell to consumers who are looking for a great buy)and it has been a hit at every consumer event they go to. The lines are unbelievable...VERY LONG but exciting!

This year, Karen Burniston (and her friend, Sandy) was heading up the Chicago booth and what a treat for me! I have admired this woman for a long time - she is a HOF (Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame winner in 2002) and had her own line with Creative Imaginations. Currently she teaches around the world and also creates these AWESOME mini album with complicated techniques which I LOVE!! You can find some of her work/technique in some of Rusty Pickle's classes too! So thank you, Karen & Sandy!! It was great getting to know you both! What fun women!!

Also wonderful was the fact that I was able to meet some of my Yahoo friends face-to-face!! I am in two IL groups - IL Scrappers & IL Scrapbook Club. We took pictures:

This is from my IL Scrappers' group. Renee & Nicole worked the booth as well on Saturday. Hey, girls! Great seeing you both!

This picture was taken by my good friend, Beth - thank you, Miss Beth! We made her take this picture since she was in line to buy some of Julie Creek's stuff....we were in line with her! The things we scrapbookers do in order to take a picture! LOL!! I'm on the left, Julie Creek of Creek Bank, Marilyn & Renee! Marilyn and I have been trying to meet up for so long - we were only from the same town until recently when I moved! Renee & Marilyn met outside when they struck up a conversation only to find out that they were in the same Yahoo group! LOL!!! Then Marilyn mentioned that she was looking for me but the Dollar Scrapbook booth was so crowd that she gave up on Friday and wanted to try again (Saturday). Luckily I was on break talking to my friend, Beth, when Renee hooked us up and then this group picture above happened! LOL!! What a story! It was meant to be on Saturday, Marilyn!! Oh, btw...I "borrowed" this picture from Marilyn to post on my blog..heehee!!! Thanks, Marilyn!!

So if there's an event near you - GO! I have met so many of my CKU friends, neighbors and other scrappers from other various crops at this event. Although I don't see many of them over the course of the year, it is so good to catch up with them here! You won't be sorry...and the shopping isn't bad either! LOL!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Here we go again...

this time since we moved to Schaumburg, our oldest DS is entering junior high school (grades 7 & 8) this academic year! It's a little different as he has already experienced middle school (grades 6, 7 & 8) in Wheaton. He is anixously wanting to move on from elementary school.

This school is organized a little differently as we had done EVERYTHING in one day in Wheaton (photo IDs, touring the classes, practicing the locker combo)...nothing in Schaumburg. Just pickup schedule, purchase school supplies & sportswear and sign up for the PTA...that's it! Tomorrow we have to go back and do the classroom tours, try the locker combo, etc...what's up with that? There was no mention of coming back another day and he's signed up for tennis tomorrow until Thurs - the director of the tennis program let him do this so it's nothing that we can just blow off - UGH! I'm thinking about calling the school to see if we can do this another day...well, it's worth a try! LOL!!

Anyone else changing schools like from elementary to middle/junior school or to high school? How is your student feeling as school is creeping up?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Paper Wishes....Hot Off The Press!

Yeah!!! I just got my "The Inside Scoop" email from Hot Off The Press tonight!

They were featuring the Tropical Brad Buddies and it got me to thinking about my Flip Flop mini album. In the Paper Wishes catalog, they picked it as part of a kit for their weekly Webisode. So I took a peek and they have it up! It is so exciting to see someone else make many different ideas! Love it! I hope I linked it OK....Enjoy!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Just got some great news early this morning!!

I got an email from Tammy at Spaark Album (remember that cool album I posted about yesterday?) and she invited me to be a part of their design team!!!!! How exciting!!! Thank you! Thank you! Love that album but now even more! LOL!!

If you're looking for a great album and sick'n tired of those post-bound album, you need to try this one! Keyword is EASY!!

Thanks for letting me share...DH & kids don't get it! LOL!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's August and.....

I'm still talking about CHA! LOL!!

With summer and the boys not being in school, I have to piece meal my posts....they get bored easily (gee, go figure! LOL!!)!

I had the opportunity to meet up with my friends at Glue Arts and can I tell you, they are such nice people! Put a buzz in their ear about a product I dreamt they would do and they LISTENED! Thank you, gentlemen, for that and hope that it can be done :0) They also won an award from CHA - the "Most Innovative Product - CHA Summer 2007!" Congratulations!!! Love this product - a trigger & handle type adhesive runner! Hmm...another on my wish list!

Speaking of innovative, I visited TaDa Creative Studios booth and met the ladies who were behind these beautiful designs! They had 12x12 papers that were laser cut into the paper...just beautiful and works well with the other pattern papers they offer! Go check them out!

OH! I have to mention Spaark albums! WOW! I found an album that I don't have to struggle with (aka POSTS!)!!! LOL!! Their binding system is wonderful! If you'll notice on the side, there are two silver "cuffs" with a slit in each. These slits are angled so that the sheet protectors don't slip out once they are placed in the album (so easy to put in!!). They come in several wonderful colors and in two sizes...8x8 & 12x12. Love their album not only because of binding but you can decorate the cover. I LOVE how my cover turned out...if I do say so myself! LOL!!!

Before....still a beautiful album!

After...more of my style!
Love it!!

If you see these Spaark albums, pick one up! You won't regret it! I'm going to get refills for mine!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last of day of JULY!

It's been a little over a week after CHA! WHEW!! LOL!!

After a week of catch-up with family things like doctor appointments, estimates for household addition (i.e. deck) and a majority of follow-up emails completed, I can somewhat go back to a normal summer "routine." Well, I can wish! LOL!!

I had a such a wonderful time @ CHA-Summer in Rosemont's always great to touch base with "old" friends and a pleasure to meet new friends! If I had to room with TheresaT and NormaP again, I would do it in a heartbeat! Although we never met or communicated on a regular basis, I felt like we were on the same wave length. For some odd reason, I just wandered over to 2Peas In A Bucket's message board under "general scrapbooking" (I usually "hang out" at "The Pub" section) and saw Theresa's post on "ROOMIE WANTED" so I answered! LOL!! Both ladies were asked to help work at the Piggy Tales booth - CUTE STUFF!!! How lucky am I to meet such nice people!!! THANK YOU, Theresa & Norma for putting up with me!

This is us at our last CHA dinner together @ Gibson's = YUMMY!!

This is the first time that I worked a make'n take @ CHA that was all mine (my designs and at my hours)! YIKES! A little nervous but everyone was so nice and had a TON of fun! Hope that everyone can use it on their pages when they get home. This is what I designed and used as a MnT - they can be tied to the name badges as decor...

Can I just say (again and again...) THANK YOU to LaserLine! They are THE BEST! to work with....even with my crazy "out there" designs and sketches, they still wanna keep me! WOW! Big hugs to them for making my dreams come to a reality!!!!

To continue spreading the "love," I'd like to thank over & over again Ranger Ink's Robin Beam for always having spare paints for me to play with at these shows and for the great support! It took me 5 tries to get to their booth to thank her personally but she's so popular...who wouldn't want to hang with her! She's COOL!!! A big fan over here!

I found a new "love" in Tattered Angels! They were our neighbors @ CHA. They were kind enough to let us have some of their Glimmer Mist for our MnTs and let us borrow the heating gun (note to self - next show bring heat gun!!! LOL!!!)! THANK YOU !!! Great stuff - a spray form that covers an item with color and BLING! I think I'm addicted! LOL!!

OK...that's all I can post right now...I have about 6 boys in the house! did that happen?! LOL! AH! Love summer....22 more days till school starts! LOL!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Before Things Get CRAZY.....

when is it never crazy, right?! Well, I'm getting ready for CHA - I head out tomorrow AM. Although I live very close to the convention center, this has always been like a mini vacation (w/o sleep!!!!!! LOL!) so I'm packing up my bags and stuff....hoping that I don't forget anything! I still have to find my badge holder & travel purse - OY! So while I'm running around like a CRAZY person....I'm posting another sneak peek of my design. Hope you like them! Will post after CHA! Can't wait to meet my roomies!! Yes, I haven't met them IRL! LOL! Gotta love scrappers...we have trust in one another! Right, Theresa!

Loved how these turned out! Hope you do too!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy 13th!!

What a "lucky" number! Hope you all had a nice day so far and that number didn't deter anyone's plans! LOL!!

My day started with a peek at LaserLine's web site and the home page had the new CHA items on display! Mine is the lower right corner...all the chipboard stuff! YEAH! Then under the "New Products" - pages 4 & 5 are my newest designs for CHA. So EXCITED!!!!

Well, gotta get back to the grind and make final touches on a couple of minis which I hope to share with you soon!

So stay tuned!
Thanks for visiting!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

OK...another sneak peek from LaserLine!!

Hi, all! Been working away for LaserLine's products! So much FUN but so little TIME! Can't believe CHA (Craft & Hobby Association's trade show) will be next week?!

This is a purse mini album I did for the PUBcall's Manufacturers' Challenge - BasicGrey. Didn't think I could find INFUSE (6x6 pad of paper) in time but found it the day before the deadline! Did this puppy in 2 hours and had a lot of fun with it!

I used LaserLine's chipboard items (Plain Janes by MargieH) - mini layered album, the flower border and shaped clips with the YUMMY BasicGrey INFUSE!

All of these pictures were taken at Yellowstone National Park - our big family trip last summer.

We were on a Japanese tour (everything spoken in Japanese - very educational! LOL!!) that took us to Mt. Rushmore-Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Park-Fossil Hunting-Salt Lake City....WHEW! What a great trip!

The color works well with the pictures and love how the leather lacing is perfect for this theme! I've had it for years! LOL!!! Nothing like using up your stash!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy birthday, America!!!
Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful celebration w/ family & friends!

Just saw a piece on "Good Morning, America," about obtaining an American citizenship and how that feeling is like being a "new" citizen. It was very touching and it made me realize I am so lucky to be American!!!

This layout I did for LaserLine's booth last CHA-Summer to highlight their Plain Jane chipboards. This is before I was invited to design for them. It is one of my favorite 4th of July layouts!

So "Happy 4th" to everyone!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ready for some more sneaks from LaserLine?

Finally found my charger and thought I'd post a couple more....

WordMinis come in FRIEND, LOVE, BABY, GIRL shown here and there are other words too!

The ribbon is also a new item for LaserLine. I took apart a schoolhouse mini CB album and used it to hang a picture of DS and his 6th grade teacher. The charms are new as well. A fun "end of the school year" gift....I stole this from her but will give it back to her after CHA! LOL!!

OK...gotta run and doing something with the little people (aka bored boys! LOL!). Have a great day and I'll try to post some more!

Sunday, July 01, 2007's July!

OK! It's 19 more days until the (CHA) show!
Here are some peeks of my chipboard items from LaserLine!

I'll try and load some more pictures once I recharge my batteries! LOL!

But in the meantime, let me know what you think! Thanks for looking :0)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Seven Random Facts....

this is for the tag from Susanna (& actually from Leah Fung too)! Sorry this is so late!

1. I am a New Yorker! Don't know if that is GOOD or BAD. But of all the places we moved to, I feel the midwest (particularly the Chicagoland area) is HOME. BUT I am a Yankees fan....sorry, CUBS & WHITE SOX!

2. I moved about nine times during my childhood (NY, GA, TN, IL & Japan). Attended two elementary schools (GA & IL), one junior high school (IL) and three high schools (IL, TN & Japan). WHEW! LOL! Now that I am married, we have moved about five times! You would think I would be used to it....just hate it. Hopefully this pace will slow down :0)

3. I am a product of an international school and very proud of that fact! How many opportunities do you get to study with classmates from so many cultures (Netherlands, UK, NZ, Australia, Mideast and European countries)?! It was like a mini-UN and very intense discussions on differing points of views = VERY COOL! My school is called the American School In Japan....yeah I know, very original! LOL! Some of our well-known alumni are Joan Fontaine (actress), Linda Purl (actress) and Edwin Reischauer (diplomat/scholar).

4. I am especially proud of my father! In the late 1950s, he was given an assignment from the founder of his company to expand the business in the U.S. During this era, anything "Made In Japan" was considered DIRT...I could write another word but I won't! LOL! Today, it is a major electronic brand that most people know! OH...he also named that brand too!

5. I am married to a Buddhist Monk (in the U.S., he's called a Rev.)! LOL!! Luckily for him, he doesn't have to shave his head...yet! If we moved to Japan and he continues this job by taking over a temple.....guess what honey! In the meantime, his day job is an executive in the financial industry.

6. I am a shy person....anyone who knows me, I know is laughing! But it's true! I have a hard time approaching a person without have major butterflies in my stomach! I forced myself to go through college sorority "rush"/recruitment so that I can become more confident! So if you see me, please I don't bite! Come up and say hello...esp. at CHA-Summer in Chicago! I will be doing a Make 'n Take at LaserLine's booth (#6703)....sneeks to be coming soon!

7. I am a mother of two "little" guys and I am not a great mom but yet they love me despite my faults! Gotta love that! One is moving on to junior high and is definitely showing the pre-teen signs! We just got him an electric scooter which he is seriously taking on the responsiblity....he is now making sure that the garage door is closed at all times! LOL! The youngest is moving his way to 5th grade! OY! Where did the time go? They are good boys....most of the time! LOL!

OK! So there are the two tags I need to get done! Exciting, huh! NOT! Thanks for reading all the way down :0)

Next post will be the sneak peeks....PROMISE!
In the meantime, have a great rest of the day!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Busted and Tagged...

all at the same time by my dear friend, Jan! LOL!

I've been too quiet 'cuz I'm burning the midnight oil getting all these designs and samples finalized for CHA. I owe you all a couple of posts....Susanne tagged me as well and sneak peeks of my second line of designs with LaserLine!

So here goes....

Yourself: to take my time
Your Partner: the next thing
Your Hair: thick...need a hair cut!
Your Mother: patient with all three kids plus "oldest" = my father!
Your Father: advisor
Your Favorite Item: my light of the situation! LOL!!
Your Dream Last Night: can't that a good thing?
Your Favorite Drink: cranberry juice with crushed ice
Your Dream Car: a convertible....not going to happen in Chicago weather!
Your Dream Home: a maintance-free one! LOL!
The Room You Are In: office/living room
Your Fear: Spiders and anything that goes bump in the night!
You Want To Be In 10 Years: mother of independent college-free kids!
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: my family
Your Not: a camping type of gal...I'm with Jan on this one!
One Of Your Wishlist Items: travel Europe!
The Last Thing You Did: jumped into the shower
You Are Wearing: Pj's
Your Favorite Weather: spring and fall (sunny, yet cool)
Your Favorite Book: The Giving Tree
Last Thing You Ate: a handful of cherries = YUM!
Your life: busy but happy!
Your Mood: are in bed! LOL!
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: how much longer is this tag - LOL!!
Your Car: Toyota Sienna....LOVE that van :0)
What Are You Doing At The Moment: typing away
Relationship Status: Very Happily Married
What Is On Your TV: Nothing but at this hour, it's OPRAH
What Is The Weather Like: hot feels like a sauna = YUK!
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: a few minutes ago when I read Jan's blog and she tagged me a couple of days ago and I just realized it! LOL!!

Thanks for the tag, Jan! LOL!!
Anyone else reading this consider yourself tagged! Don't have a blog? Well, please feel free to post in the comments section!
Have a great night!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy June!!

JUNE - my birthday month (June 14th = Flag Day!) and it seems like a lot of fellow SBers' birthdays as well! So if you are a JUNE BABY => a big happy birthday wish from me! Like I say to my boys everyday "Make it a good day!"

Well, my oldest DS went off to Chicago the next day after his little brother went to Springfield. His trip wasn't as much fun as the little guy's. Apparently on his "free time" at Navy Pier, someone behind him (not from the school) pushed him and he fell. By the time he picked himself up, his group left him behind so most of the time he was wandering around looking for his group. A classmate found him but towards the end of the trip - poor Taka! He was so depressed because he wanted to buy a gift for his little brother and ended up giving him a Propel (sports drink) that HE wanted to drink later! Not to worry! A few days later, I treated him to a huge milk shake from Oberweis (sorry, FM!). Of course, he brought a camera but the only thing he took was scenery (most of the Oscar Meyer weiner car! OY!)....we will need to work on his photography skills this summer!!! LOL!

A few things that I did over May.

I sent something for Martha Stewart's contest but they were asking for layout but I didn't care....wasn't too impressed with her scrapbook/paper craft papers. BUT I did like her airmail photo mailer so I made it into a mini album of my trip to Japan (ATAMI & ITO). I need to take a picture of the back but it's stamped with Heidi Swapp's foam stamp "JAPAN" <== real simple with Ranger Ink's dabber. Loved how it turned out!

Then on National Scrapbook Day, I worked at Frozen Memories, attended a Stampin'Up event (a Japanese I was able to make some new friends = always a good thing!) and went a Creative Memories crop (met a fellow ILScrapper! Hi, Jenn!!). Thanks to CJ for letting me attend at the very last minute! PHEW!!!

Also did a layout for my youngest and his new school...

I am an independent consultant for Top Line Creations and the designers just released a new line called Runway. I love it because they are some "boy" friendly designs & colors. So I did a layout for my oldest DS on his graduation from Saturday Japanese school (6th grade). Great fun to play with this!

Currently I am working on my second release samples for LaserLine...maybe they'll let me do a sneak peek! So if you're going to CHA (Craft & Hobby Association trade show) in Chicago (Rosemont IL/Convention Center) during the weekend of July 20-22, 2007, please join me!! I'll be doing a MnT at their booth (#6703) on Friday & Saturday (10am to NOON & 2pm to 4pm both days)! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Off to Springfield, IL for little Hiroyuki at 6:00AM!!!!!!!!
That meant that mom had to get up at 5:00AM - LOL!!

He packed his bag up with lunch, snacks, water & juice and of course, his GAMEBOY & his MANGA books (NARUTO). I took him to school and you can hear all the excitment from his classmates in the gym. What fun...I wanna go!!! But DH is still out of commission and I wanted to make sure he's OK.

Yes, he had relapsed last week with Hunt's Syndrome but he is SLOWLY recovering (thank goodness!!). This time he promised that he will only go to the office twice (not everyday like last time - UGH!!).

So off Hiro went on a nice luxury bus! What a life of a fourth grader!

Oh! Yes, he took a camera....a true son of a scrapbooker! Cant' wait to see what these pictures will look like! LOL!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy May!

Well, it's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Chicago...about 60+ and very sunny!

Finally got a start on my scrap area downstairs in the basement, swept and trying to figure out a layout on where to put what...hopefully it will work out that way! LOL!

This Saturday is National Scrapbook Day and I will be helping out at Frozen Memories so if you're in the neighborhood, come join us! It will be their Grand Opening & Ice Cream Social = what a great combo! LOL! There'll be MnTs and prizes given out as well as some sales I'm sure!

I just completed my project using EK Success' Art Blanche line (ringed wall calendar) and Rusty Pickle's Princess Bride line...beautiful papers! Don't laugh....that's me about 15 years ago! We did a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony in the morning and then had a champagne luncheon in a western setting. Lots of FUN!

Oh! The flowers are punched by McGill's 2" flower punch. I layered 3 flowers together, put a Karen Foster bling brad through them and then creased the petals a little. I love how they look!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How stinkin' exciting!!!!

Can this day get any better than this!

Very humbled that Paper Wishes picked five of my designs to sell in their catalog!!!! Plus they had their design team make two samples from them! WAHHHHOOOOoooo!!!! Take a look on pages 10, 12 & 13! Thanks, Paper Wishes & LaserLine for such a great opportunity!!!

Off to work at Frozen Memories in Bartlett, IL....if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and visit me!

Make it a great day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers to VA TECH!!!!

Finally heard through our Sorority "grapevine" that our sisters are safe "physically" at our chapter @ VA Tech....big sign of relief. But hope that they will receive love and support to get them through this.

I am so sadden about the ones that were wounded and who are no longer with thoughts & prayers to those friends, family & colleagues effected by this terrible event.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Enough sick talk....

This is something I wanted to share for awhile. This mini tag album was made with my "State Tag" kit from LaserLine. People always asked me what they can do with this particular product so I'm here to show you my take on it!

This is the cover and it's an "Ode to" my former home...

Inside I have pictures of rooms and fond memories & comments about them...

So what do you think? Something you like to try? LaserLine has agreed to make all 50 states available for order/purchase! I need to make nine....ten MORE of these to finish off my "Ode to" my old hometowns! HA!

I hope this inspires you to do your "ODE" about your hometown!
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

OK....DH's turn!

OY! I thought my virual infection was BAD!

On Easter Sunday, my DH woke up at 6:30am and felt dizziness, nasuea (sp?), headache and numbness on his left side of his body. So off we go to the ER at St. Alexius Medical Center. They checked him head to toe including CT Scan. From all that has occurred, we could only "conclude" that he might have a minor/mild concussion....during Spring break when I was ordered bed rest, we had not only painted the closet but we (mostly DH) had to take the wire shelves out. Didn't think it would be a problem except those things are determined to stay on the walls! Well, he banged his head against one of those shelves which smarted of course but not to a point of a minor concussion! A few days later, he had some headaches but nothing to write home about....maybe an onset of a cold...we thought.

Then the next day on Monday, his left ear started to bother him so we went to a doctor that the medical center referred us to. So now we think the cause of this whole problem was an ear infection. Thank goodness for the internet because after coming home from the doctor, DH looked up his symptoms to suspect that maybe he had Bell's Palsy.

He took his medication but his ear was getting worse and now it was inflamed....Tues night. The symptoms now looks worse than Bell's and now turned to Ramsey Hunt's Syndome! According to the (again) internet, the recovery rate is less than 50%! OY!!!!!!! Called the doctor on call and she prescribed medication that treats Hunt's. He has some symptoms of this but not all so maybe not all is THAT bad. I don' t know.

Wednesday and Thursday, we took the medication and waited for the effects. None of the five Ear-Nose-Throat specialists in the area were available until Friday so we took the first appointment available....

Went to the specialist on Friday first thing in the AM and reworked his medication which now seems to be working well. His ear is cleared up (95%) but his muscle strength on his left side of face is nil....he can't control his movement....not yet. I'm thinking positive!!!

We have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow afternoon and I'm hoping for some kind of encouragement from him :0) Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Although he doesn't show it, I know he is devasted by this...who could blame him but I am keeping a positive attitude because I know it can only get BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

So for those of you who are the "praying" type, please include my dear hubby on the list for a safe & good recovery - thank you!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Out of Order & Catch Up Time...

On Saturday (March 24th), a friend of mine (Michelle) and I FINALLY met for brunch...we haven't seen each other since CKU-A in Oakbrook Terrace a year ago!!! Of course, there isn't much time to catch up so we'll have to do it again, Michelle!!! LOL!!

After seeing her, the next day I had caught a virual infection (caused by stress & fatigue). Woke up to a whole body of the shakes....even DH couldn't warm me up so I took a VERY hot bath and soaked for about 40 mins (finally got it to a regular chill). I believe my temp was about 105 but by the afternoon, I was able to break the temp (only temporary) to call the Dr. on call. Usually I don't call but the shakes were so bad that morning and my left leg broke out in a very bright red from ankle to mid-calf. The dr. told me to drink fluids, take fever reducer and put my leg up. Called my primary the next morning for appointment to check the leg. Good thing I did! The reddiness went up to the knee the next day and stiffness = UGH! My dr. gave me a nice shot on the backside (lovely!) and "cow" pill antibotics. If it didnt' clear up by the end of the week, she's sticking me in the hospital! DH stayed home most of the spring break and was doing stuff around the house (and cooking!). I married a nice guy....most Japanese men wouldn't know what to do esp. cook! We painted our MBR closet too! LOL!! I was on the floor painted the bottom part of the walls and he did the top parts (it was his first and probably his last time he'll paint! LOL!!!). The Closet Works installer came in on Thursday and no more clothes all over the bedrooms! YEAH! The only bright spot of my sick time.

Well, I'm still taking the cow pills until tomorrow! YEAH...I'm counting down!

So my catch up time is to clean up the mess made from last week & a half and looking forward to getting the builder back in here to do something! Since closing on the 1st of March, he has only shown up once.....on March 6th! Since then, he has been calling and calling telling me what day he'll be in to finish up what he started....only not to show up! OY! I called him almost everyday and it's hit or miss in getting him to answer his cell or return my phone calls. DH had to step in and threaten legal action! Well, that got the owner's attention....the guy is supposed to come today! Will believe it when he comes knocking on the door! LOL!! One of the causes of my stress.....

Wish me luck!

Oh! I want to congratulate three IL Scrappers that made it into the honorable mention for CK's Hall of Fame (HOF).....Connie T., Janet O. and Christine T.!!! VERY exciting!!!

OK...back to work!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Graduate!

AH! I can't believe my oldest graduated from 6th grade Japanese school! The youngest went to school on time as usual from the bus stop (8:15am) but we had a late start going to was the first time from the new house! OY! We got there around 12:40pm when he should have been there at 12:20pm! Ooops!

It was LONG~!!!!!!!!!!! So typical of Japanese events....everyone has to make a speech! LOL!! If you are ever invited to a wedding reception...DON'T GO!!! LOL!!!! My DH wanted to ditch the graduation party and have one of our own at home! Not a chance, mister! He lost! Heehee!! Besides some of the kids will not be continuing middle school (i.e. back to Japan, elementary schooling was just enough or some will continue in "cram school") and this will be the last time Takayuki will see them. Looks like he had a good time!

Here are some pics:

Takayuki coming into the gym with his classmates from 6B.

Aren't those flowers beautiful?! Have to find out who arrange them! Had to have it in the background....Takayuki looked amused. One of these days, he will take a decent picture! OY!

Proud dad and son in front of the school. The sign indicates "distribution of graduating diploma" (direct translation).

BTW....we did have our own little graduation party of homemade SUSHI (aka SUSHI Chef DH!)!! It was a great day!