Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Off to Springfield, IL for little Hiroyuki at 6:00AM!!!!!!!!
That meant that mom had to get up at 5:00AM - LOL!!

He packed his bag up with lunch, snacks, water & juice and of course, his GAMEBOY & his MANGA books (NARUTO). I took him to school and you can hear all the excitment from his classmates in the gym. What fun...I wanna go!!! But DH is still out of commission and I wanted to make sure he's OK.

Yes, he had relapsed last week with Hunt's Syndrome but he is SLOWLY recovering (thank goodness!!). This time he promised that he will only go to the office twice (not everyday like last time - UGH!!).

So off Hiro went on a nice luxury bus! What a life of a fourth grader!

Oh! Yes, he took a camera....a true son of a scrapbooker! Cant' wait to see what these pictures will look like! LOL!!

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