Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going backwards to CHA-Summer...

Sorry for jumping around like this but I realized that I haven't even shared my CHA photos! SORRY!!

CHA...well, it happens so quickly and even working for a couple of days...I still missed a lot! Overall, attendance in retail customers & manufacturers were down but I had a lot of traffic @ my MnT (make and take/make items from that particular manufacturer's booth & bring it home with ya)on Friday and mixed on Saturday. Sunday was my off day and was able to visit booths leisurely.

This post I'd like to share pictures of my friends in the industry doing their thing @ various manufacturers' booths!

This is my good friend, Beth Pingry, from Spellbinders. You know those nice folks who has that awesome die cut machine - the Wizard! Love their stuff! Hi, Beth!! We've known each other for YEARS! Proud to call her my (sorority/Delta Zeta) sister...if she claims me! Heehee!!!! A very creative & talented designer :0)

The sweet lady on the left is my friend, Theresa Tyree, and a very talented designer who is on Piggy Tales' design team! The other sweet lady is Debbie Juden (with her little one) who owns this great company!

OK....this friend is the wonderful & VERY talented, Melodee Langworthy, who I just admire for her character & creativity!!

One of the companies I just adore is KODOMO (officially KODOMO NO KAO)!!! And these two ladies are the driving force of this company esp. in the U.S. I think this company is a hidden treasure and hope that many retailers get on board!

OK...not a friend but a friend's daughter (but she's a lot of fun, this one! LOL!). This is Teresa Collin's daughter, Taylor, and a real cool chic :0) Wanted to stop to say hi to Teresa but she left earlier to catch one of her boys' sports events at home. So in place to Teresa, I took this picture of Taylor (looks like her mom) in action! Thanks, Taylor, for the MnT session!

Now this young lady I have been anxious to meet for months...maybe it's been a year?! Is the ULTRA-talented lady, Wendy Veechi (here demo-ing for Ranger Inks)!!!! SO love her creative mind and she debuted a new line of stamp products with Stampers Anonymous - HOW COOL!!!! So happy for her!!

And of course, I had to find Robin Beam! Here she is at Amate Studio's booth and she is amazing at what she does! Now I may need to go back to jewelry making! LOL!! Love what she has created there in such a short amount of time! WOW!!

So those are some of my friends that I was able to capture on "film!" More CHA stuff to come :0)