Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vote for Spellbinders!!

Hey all!

Want to ask a favor...if you are a Spellbinders' fan, please vote on "When Creativity Knocks" Great Crafter's Tool Hunt! Details are on Spellbinders' blog HERE.

You have to register (on the site) to vote - just remember when you go into their security question, they ask that you type in what you see but it's actually the answer to the equation. Some of us got stuck on that at first...coughcoughMEcoughcough!!

So go vote and you too have a chance to win all the nominated tools in the contest!

Good luck!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

For My Japanese Scrappers - My Workshops!

We're starting up again....scrapbooking in Japanese workshops :0)
Getting excited to see everyone esp. those who went home to Japan during the summer...missed you!!!




*9月のクラス&ワークショップ スケジュール:

 3日(木)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

 8日(火)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

11日(金)  09:30AM-13:00PM (子供ずれOK)
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ ミツワCommunity Room
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$6 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

13日(日) 13:30PM-15:30PM
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*(特に液体のり<-お店にも販売しています)

14日(月)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

15日(火) 10:30AM – 12:30PM
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*(特に液体のり<-お店にも販売しています

16日(水)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

25日(金)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

28日(月)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

*ベーシックツールキットは、12" paper trimmer; scissors, black pen/marker, pencil, eraser, ruler, exacto knife, and adhesive (dry=テープのり & wet=液体)です。無い方(例えばPaper Trimmer)は、私から借りて下さい。


LaserLine (Margie's designs - Plain Jane chipboard items):
TaDa Creative Studios (Design Team member):
CraftFancy (Margie's classes):





Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hiro's First Day of Junior High!!

Today, Hiro went to school and for him, it's not only his first day of school but it's the first day as a junior high schooler!! So I took some quick pictures of him before he headed off with his dad...this year, dad is helping out as both boys start school within 10 mins of each other and are in opposite directions! And no, we are at the edge of the bus route requirement...OY!

I took a picture of Hiro during his open house last week in front of the school name...

And then this morning before heading off to school...

Big brother starts his high school career I will definitely be a basket-case! LOL!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School!!

Let's just say I'm counting down the days...until August 26th! I love my kids but I'm just saying I like my routine back ;0P

Actually next week will be registration/open house for both boys...I don't think it's hit them yet until they climb up those stairs. Bringing the "dreaded" camera since it will be the only time I can take pictures of them...they hate it but I can't help it...I am a scrapbooker!!

When do your kids go back to school?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

CHA News!

Some great news from the CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc. trade show)! The two companies that I just love received awards from a panel of press, consultants and CHA staff in Orlando, Florida.

TaDa Creative Studios - Winner of the Exhibiting with Excellence Award

This award is presented to a company whose dynamic displays, merchandising techniques and inviting staff enhance the overall atmosphere of the show floor. The judging criteria included use of floor space, visual appeal of booth and overall presence and friendliness of staff.

They just blogged about it in details and pictures of their booth is up too! Love their booth...wish I was there for them this year but looks like they did good! LOL!! Click HERE!

Spellbinders Wizard - Honorable Mention/Third Place for the 2009 Innovations Showcase Award

The Innovations Showcase award brings together the newest ideas and the most innovative products from exhibiting companies. Retailers, CHA members, CHA consultants and members of the press attending the show voted and selected the best products of the Show.

They also just blogged about it on their site HERE! How exciting!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both companies worked real hard and all their effort certainly paid off! I am so proud of them!!

Totally Off Topic but a friend of mine from the Paper Piecing group sent this and I had to share! I have never seen a well-oiled farm in my life like this...just incredible! Click HERE if you're interested.'s close to us...road trip?! LOL!!