Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm thinking FALL when there's SNOW outside...

Figures! LOL!!!

I wanted to post some fall pictures of when my DH & I went for a walk at Schaumburg's Spring Valley park...

So beautiful and relaxing! It was such a beautiful day that you really didn't need a jacket. These were taken the day before election day so the kids were still in school and we had a nice little date day :0)

Well, I should say we DID have a nice relaxing time until I met this little winged thing....was too close to the fence when the friendly one nipped me! Boy! I didn't see that coming! LOL!!! Guess it was her way to say "HELLO!" OY! I love this picture tho! Heehee!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Candy Alert (Spellbinders)....

Guess what, Spellbinder fans!

Spellbinders finally got a blog and they're offering some blog candy to mark the occassion! Click here and comment on your favorite die! What's yours?

Mine (for now or for today) is the Snowman! He's so stinkin' cute! Look at the post below to see my layout "SNOW DAY."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trading Pages....

Do you all remember Trading Spaces on TLC channel?

It's a show that has people trading their houses/particular room in their houses to do a decorating makeover (without control or input! YIKES!!).

Well, I belong to a YAHOO group called PaperPiecing (folks who have interest in paper piecing (PP) accents for their layouts, cards, etc.) and we decided to do a trading pages swap. One sends pictures to another member, he/she does a layout using them which includes a PP accent and sends it back to the owner.

I had the opportunity to do our list mom's picture of her son and his (ex-)girlfriend spending a snow day last winter at her house. Great timing as I had just gotten TaDa Creative Studios' newest holiday paper line which is perfect for these snow pictures! The paper is printed with metallic inks and it's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

See my paper piecing?! Can you believe it's a die?! It's from Spellbinder's Wizard system! LOVE their products! I have a HUGE wish list of stuff to get!!! LOL!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A TaDa Contest!!

Are you making some "scrappy" gifts for any loved ones for the holiday season? Why not "kill two birds with one stone?" Enter them in a contest to win great prizes for yourself!! The gift is theirs but send the image of the project to TaDa! Easy, right?!

Find info about TaDa Creative Studios here:
Find all contest details here:

Deadline is December 15th.

Send entries to our fearless leader and design team coordinator, Tracy Austin (a Making Memories Master 2008) at

Looking forward to seeing all the entries!
Good luck and happy scrapping!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


And I am so excited about the results both nationally and locally! Congratulations to all!!!! It is a very proud thing to do as an American citizen! Hope you voted too!

Just wanted to post that I am alive and well! But cannot believe another month has slipped by (October)!!! I do have some things to post but am getting ready for a Japanese community craft show/open house tomorrow and Friday.

So I hope to post soon on some fall scenes! PROMISE!

Have a GREAT's going to be another 70+ weather in Chicago!