Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas celebration with loved ones and good friends!

We are so thankful to have family members from Tokyo to help make a special holiday for my boys! It's been over 10 years since we spent the holidays with siblings (my side of the family)! WOW! Times flies! The cousins were so excited to spend Christmas Eve together eating turkey and opening presents!

Although they left 6am Christmas morning and seemed too short, it was worth every moment with them! We can't wait to see them again in July! Thank you, Dan & Yuki, for making such a wonderful Christmas for the boys and us! Hugs and kisses to you all!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

A busy December 9th!

LOL!! Pretty crazy...had a class from 10am to NOON @ Cherish (my "Joy of Christmas Past"), a birthday party/girl scout gathering from 3pm to 4:30pm @ Frozen Memories (a purse mini album) and then the Rusty Pickle class to take from 6pm to 10pm. PHEW!

The girl scout gathering took a total turnaround...they wanted to start at 3:30pm and they wanted to change the entire theme! YIKES! I just spent 3 to 4 hours, handcutting everything. But it worked out to the customer's wishes...she got the time & a different theme and that's a good thing (bottom line: make the customer happy, right!) - I couldn't teach it but FM found someone to do the class for them. I felt bad but the schedule was SO tight that day....it seems like everyone schedule EVERYTHING that day! LOL!!

Here are some pictures from my morning "Joy" class - what wonderful scrappers I had in the class! Great fun!

Here are some fun Rusty Pickle class pics...

The gentleman in the jean jacket is Mr. Anderson, Lance's father, telling us some great stories! Lance was kind enough to pose with me before heading out....I think we were there past 11:00pm?! Thanks, Lance! Great to see you again and hope you'll be teach @ Cherish often! Hugs to you!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mr. Pickle is coming to town....

LOL! Couldn't resist! Lance Anderson (aka Mr. Pickle) is one of my favorite instructors! AND he's coming to Cherish Scrapbooking in Naperville this Saturday night...how exciting is that!

I had a very nice chat with Lynne Mau, a member of Rusty Pickle's DT, a few weeks ago. She came to the store - her first visit (hopefully not her last!) and mentioned that he's planning to do a class in Joliet. So I asked her to see if he would be interested in doing one here! Well, thanks to her and Tara Anderson (Lance's wife) - it's a DONE DEAL!

This time I will be the student....he's teaching a class that was only taught overseas (CKU-Japan and in Europe) and went over very well. I only heard comments from Japan and was hoping we could do it here! Well, be careful what you wish for, right! LOL!!!

Here's the poster I did for the class....love the papers!

Also just heard this morning from Cherish that my class has increased in student body...double! YIKES! Better make up some more kits! Can't wait to do this class with everyone! How fun to play....this also with a Rusty Pickle product (round chipboard album)!! It's going to be a "Pickle of A Day!" Sorry, it just came out! HA!
Tonight is my youngest DS's holiday concert so I better get some food on the table and make him look festive! LOL!! Hope to post some pictures...stay tuned!