Monday, January 28, 2008

Mix Media fans...

a new book! I was taking a break this morning from all the CHA stuff and saw that fellow Heart In Hand member & instructor, Catherine Matthews-Scanlon, published a book!

The good news is that she's kindly giving away two copies on her blog! So go over here and get all the details! Her stuff is AMAZING!!

OK...break over! Back to work!! LOL!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


but there's a reason! I'm up to my eyeballs with CHA-Winter (Craft & Hobby Association trade show) preparations but I PROMISE I will do a sneak peek SOON!

Well, once I get my samples together! LOL!! Yes, Miss LaserLine Lisa, I am working it! HAHAHAHA!!

One hint....ACRYLICS! Heehee!!

OK....back to work!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back tracking to December...

I need to wish my oldest DS a happy (belated) birthday! He is now officially a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Although I'm always after him about (almost) everything, he is generally a good, guy. Since he is the oldest and my first, he is my guinea pig (like I was!)!! Hey, it goes with the job, what can I say. But I am lucky that he is who he is and we can talk about everything...yes, even girls! LOL!!

We celebrated his birthday at one of favorite restaurants, DARUMA and it is no surprise that this is a Japanese restaurant! LOL! They have always done something special for all our birthdays (yes even the parents!). They even went through the trouble of having all their wait staff sing for him which I knew he hates! Heehee (evil mom laugh)!!

Here's a couple of pictures:

Isn't this nice?! And no advance warning either - WOW!!

A little embarrassed while being serenaded to...

Happy birthday, my "little" teenager (well, he's not all that little - he's 5'5"? and wears size 9 shoes! YIKES!!)!!!

Now to figure out how to make a page about this...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Can't believe another year has gone by....

Although 2007 had its ups and downs, I truly have been blessed with many friends and family who supported us so THANK YOU!!!

May 2008 bring bigger and better things for everyone!

I'm sitting here, listening to all the fireworks popping up in the dark sky while the snow is falling! LOL! The things people have to do to celebrate even in this snow! More power to them!

Called my family and the in-laws a couple of hours ago to wish them a happy new year as they are going into the afternoon hours of new year's day. DH is also over in Japan...he is assisting his home temple with new year's services/ceremonies which last about a week. I was able to catch him just as he was coming back to his mother's house after 7 hours of various events. With jet lag and not being used to things, he's on 3 hours of sleep. He'll be passed out soon! LOL!

I have been enjoying some quiet time with the boys...between them playing with some new computer games, etc. We went out and bought a bunch of books from Barnes & Noble today before the snow started to fall. Let's hope they'll be able to finish some of these starts this Saturday (Japanese school) and then on Monday...busy, busy!

While they play with the computer games, mom is off to create some products for CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc. trade show)....but kinda got side tracked with PRIMA's paintable papers!!!! LOVE them! Got only one done and I was able to break open a bottle of Radiant Rain (LuminArt) - a shimmering mist...I had this collecting dust for the longest time :0P

What do you think...

Don't laugh too hard...that's me in that get-up! That wig must've weighed at least 30 pounds! But it was worth it! to bed and tomorrow is the Univ of IL v.s. USC game! Not sure who I'm rootin' for but it's been a long time for UofI to go back to the Rose Bowl :0)

Happy New Year!