Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CKU-A or BUST!!!

OK! I am in total panic! There's a huge pile of STUFF in the corner of my dinning room...homework spread out on the desk in the living room...pictures all over the place BUT I vaccumed and cleaned the house - where's the priority?! I'm off to CKU-A tomorrow - UGH!!!!! OK, I have until tomorrow afternoon to get my act together.

So, thought I'd post here and maybe I'd feel better? LOL! I feel better! So much that I'll post some pictures on what I've been working on such as:

This is for our album track ("Elements of Style") "All About ME" layout swap.

I'm hoping to make more of these for the tag swap (a lot of folks have made 100)...really liked how it turned out but the work on these things! I have to remember to save one for me! LOL!

This page was for a CKU themed page swap and everyone got theirs back BEFORE we headed to CKU. Then Charity (our host) did something special...she made a CD of ALL the pages and sent one to every participant! WOW!! What a sweetie!!!

OK...now I really need to get stuff done. I already have a quarter of it in the car so I'm doing good for now! LOL! Wish me luck! Hope to post some more when I recover! :0)

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Lovely Time!

Well, I made it through the weekend! LOL!! The boys are finished with their Saturday Japanese school (end of the year on Saturday - YEAH!) and I survived the tea gathering at my house.

I was hoping for 8 to 10 ladies but we ended up with six wonderful Delta Zetas (just like our Founders!) and everything was DELICIOUS!!! A big thank you to our alumnae chapter president, MargeT, who was kind enough to act as co-hostess and make most of these wonderful treats!!! I had fun taking some pictures before the guests arrived and one of Marge explaining what we had on the "menu" (homemade scones, herb triangles, little rose cakes, pinwheel sandwiches among our treats!). What do you think?

Aren't these baskets cute?! Filled with Easter/Spring chocolates for each guest!

Finally, an excuse to use my Wedgewood!!

A beautiful gift from MargeT! Isn't she sweet?!

Marge's "Food Talk"

I had a wonderful time and I hope the other ladies did too! So sorry that the others had to miss all the fun and yummy treats...you all truly missed out! Once I get the recipes from Marge, I will post them here!

On Sunday evening, we had a great time with our friends, the Takizawas, who were kind enough to make a crab dinner - can I say FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Even little Hiro loved it...so much of it! Hosho never says enough when it comes to crab but this time, he had more than his fill! LOL!! They took the time to go to Chinatown and hand picked live crabs. Then when we arrived, the crab were steamed and fresh off the pot, we ate! Some pics:

The crabs BEFORE and the crabs AFTER and well, let's say we enjoyed! Sorry about the last picture....I think I had a Foster's beer before taking this picture...a little blurry - LOL!! It was such a fun time! The boys enjoyed their boys' company (both sides are the same age and the oldest two will be in the same Japanese 6th grade class next year so that will be COOL!). Their big sister was smart to go over to a friend's house...who wants to hang out with little boys esp. four of them!!! LOL!!

PHEW! What a hectic, busy BUT FUN weekend!

Friday, March 10, 2006

It's March?!

LOL!! OK, I need to update my blog! OY! Where did the time go? Today is Friday and usually I'm up to my eyeballs in correcting Japanese homework! BUT tomorrow is the last day of school for the year....YEAH!! Also, it's about 50 degrees and sunny...the boys just got home to drop book bags off....now they've escaped! LOL!! I finished most of the corrections AND am looking forward to not waking up 5:30am....I get to sleep in for an hour! My friend, Fiona, stopped by and the look on her face of me sleeping in until 6:30am did not sit well with her :0)))

OH! I have to post this....Fiona, whom I met through the boys' elementary school last year (a fellow mom & a SBer), is just the funniest person I've ever met! She is so sweet! Well, I'm just so excited when I got this terrific homemade gift from her! She made a paper bag album just for ME! No one ever made me something special like this! I am just THRILLED!!!!!!!! Thank you, Fiona! Sorry if I didn't show too much emotion...I was just STUNNED!!!!!! Here's some pics:

Isnt' that SWEET of her to do this for ME!!! Love it!! THANK YOU!!!

Tomorrow is another day and I am hosting an afternoon tea party for my sorority sisters (Delta Zeta Sorority)! It will be a first for us as we meet to do other things so this should be fun (and yummy!!)! I'm expecting a half a dozen guests...hope to be surprised by some who haven't RSVPed to show up! Hope to post some pictures of that event!

Beginning of March just flew with all the swaps, circle journals and track homework for CKU-A (among other things) - it's just scary! I still have to email Naoko-san (Hello! I will email SOON!). I also tried out for a couple of contest & DT calls but didn't pan out. Here's one I did for "Good To The Last..." DT:

It's from last Halloween...not your typical halloween colors but it came out GREAT! The boys loved it! But alas, the DT coordinator didn't...that's OK! Just keep chipping away!

OK...off to clean some more and then time for dinner! Have a great night...wish I was with Fiona and the rest of the gang cropping the weekend away! Maybe next time!