Friday, July 28, 2006

CHA-Part 3 (cont'd)

For some strange reason, the blog will not let me post any more pictures?! So I want to make sure I have these pictures posted because I want to make a point! LOL!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Miss WendyM...our hostess with the mostess (is that a word?)!!! Smooches to you, sweetie, for a WONDERFUL bash and to the "bag" ladies & the rest of the PUBsters for helping out behind the scenes!!

This is my girlfirend, Fiona, who had the BEST time and won a door prize @ the BASH! Thanks to the ladies who were gracious in making Fiona feel welcomed to her first 2Peas event!

"Kim in IA" has been so nice via emails and from my friend, Beth, was telling about her! I was THRILLED to meet her in person! What a doll! Spellbinders were kind enough to donate one of their GREAT machines (the Wizard) for the door prize pool! LOVE this machine (thank you, Beth, for bringing me to the PURPLE SIDE!!!)! post will be on CHA!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

CHA - Part 3

2Peas event....this is what I have been looking forward to the most! Last year @ CHA-Summer (in Chicago), I attended this event (they have a gathering at most SB-related event) and I had no idea of what it was all about or who anyone was! LOL! Ever since that event, I have been a part of "The Pub" and loved all the ideas, help and just all around FUN they were having!

SO this year was extra special to meet some FAB talent in the great group! WendyM was crazy enough to host and MAN! she did a FINE job! Had the best time! It was wonderful just to set up with her, ChristineT, Kelly, StephanieH, Torm, Kathleen Summers, AllisonMud, Steph, JanetO and I know I have forgotten names (please FORGIVE me!!). Proof is in the are the pics of us prepping so those ladies I didn't know names, here you are!!

This is only part of the 200 bags....some are on tables and the other side of the doors! YIKES, Wendy, how did you fit these in the van?! Uh, maybe I shouldn't know! LOL!!

Miss Kelly working away on the sponsor poster!

Kathleen Summers & StephanieH putting last minute donations into all 200 bags!

OK....who had the As or was it the Ls? Some of the ladies assembling the name tags alpha order
Steph looking at me (beautiful eyes!!), Tania? in the jean jacket, Miss JanetO in the pretty pink top and I'm not sure who is standing next to her but she's REAL nice too!

Let the party begin...well, it did but I couldn't get there until an hour later!!!! UGH! The hotel restaurant was taking forever to give us individual checks (as I requested before the waiter took the order!).

Veronica Hugger (NSA) talking with one of NSAers from the Chicago area (ReneeN). Veronica will be interviewed by WGN Radio about digiSB. How cool is that! The radio host (sorry forgot his name) is the author of the book she is holding.

Had people calling me asking if I was ever going to show up! LOL!! Well, I did! Here's some pics of friends who I have been dieing to meet face-to-face!!!!

A lady that I had long admired for a long....Leah Fung! Finally after many emails back'n forth, we meet! She is such a LOVELY person! Congrats on the BHG sponsorship!!

This is my good friend, Allison "Mud" - just LOVE her! We'll get together SOON!!

My CKU-A friend, Becca!!!! Great gal...SOoooo sweet! Too bad we don't live close to each other but thank goodness for email! LOL!!

My sorority sister, BethPing, with her eyes closed (sorry, Beth! It's the only pic with Kim in it!). The pretty lady on the left is Kar and the other pretty lady on the right is Kim In IA. I'm surrounded by talented people!!!! They are part of the Spellbinder Wizard DT and such generous people....I am lucky to know them!!!

What a night....thought I would stay for an hour but we closed the place down! LOL!!!

CHA - Part 2

First of all, I have to THANK my two manufacturers for letting me include my layouts in their wonderful booths - TwelveBy12 and LaserLine!! Both companies were very generous and such warm people to work with!

TwelveBy12 booth...

The layout that I did was "Afternoon" (top middle page) - just LOVE Jennifer O'Meara's work! It was so nice meeting you in person, Bill (Jennifer's DH)! Congrats on the HUGE article in Scrapbooking & Beyond August issue! VERY COOL!

LaserLine booth...

Finally had a chance to use FLOWERS on my boys' page! LOL!! I used LaserLine's Plain Jane laser cut chipboard diecuts (now that's a mouthful!)! I painted and then "Stickled" (Ranger's) them with fun colors! So much better to use than other glitter type products (IMHO!)...I'm buying MORE! LOL!!

Lisa Ragan, GREAT to meet you!!!! Thanks so much for sending the Janes! I'm working on my altered CD so I haven't forgotten! Just trying to get the August classes and class samples out of the way (I'm so lucky! I have 6 scheduled for the month - YIKES!!!). Should be able to finish by the end of the weekend. So thanks for being patient!

These nice folks are from LaserLine (! Lisa is standing on the right - hi, Lisa!! Hope they do well with the new product, Plain Jane....just love them!

CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc./trade show) - Part I

Well, my blog FINALLY decided it was going to cooperate! YEAH! Since I spent the entire weekend @ CHA, I thought I'd post in sections - LOL!! For those who are unfamiliar with CHA, it is where craft retailers purchase from the manufacturers products (related to their business). It is so exciting to see what is up & coming and most of the exhibitors are scrapbook-related (estimated as 50%).

So we'll go in order! The starting point was on Thursday night (July 20th) in Rosemont...well, actually Des Plaines where the Chinese buffet restaurant was located and so YUMMY! Thanks, Fiona, for recommending and taking us there! We had a pow-wow for NSA (National Scrapbooking Association) to discuss our marketing approach as well as getting our "uniform" (a white tee or polo shirt with the NSA logo on it). I got the polo shirt and LOVED it! Thanks to Veronica Hugger for giving us the chance to "expand the passion (ETP)" to CHA! Here are some pics from that night....

This is the group that came to dinner (sorry to have missed those who couldn't join us!!). It's a bad pic but everyone had a GOOD time! Veronica was hysterical!

That's me with Veronica Hugger (president & co-founder) of NSA! Had fun working with ya, girl!

Then our waiter, Theo, asked whose birthday it was - Veronica blurted out "It's Linda's!" Well, imagine the surprise on Linda's face when they brought out the cheesecake w/ fruit plate! LOL!! But I think she enjoyed it! Too funny!!