Friday, April 24, 2009

In memory of Becky...

I'm going to Crop 'Til You Drop crop which is in memory of my friend, Becky Brunetti. Although she is not with us now, I think of her often :0) So I hope to see some of my "local" friends at Frozen Memories! I'll be there after 2:00pm until (well, close to) midnight on Saturday! I have a basic scrapbooking class that I'm teaching at CraftFancy from 10:30am. Then I'll truck on over afterwards. It will be nice to see everyone!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For My Japanese scrappers....

Sorry as I turn to the "other" language - LOL!!
It's the May schedule and a couple of announcements (upcoming events):



4月10日に発送のJANGLE(習い事特集)にCraftFancy提供のスクラップブッキングクラスがのってます。こちらにも是非いらっしゃって下さい。4月21日(火)と25日(土)10:30AM~12:00PMです。クラス費用は無料です。内容は、Basic Scrapbookingの1ページを作ります。ご予約は私宛Emailでお願いします。持ち物は、4枚の写真(サイズ:4”縦x4.75”横・同じテーマ)とテープ、糊です。(CraftFancyの地図:。

Basic Scrapbookingの1ページです。


場所:1022 Pinehurst Lane, Schaumburg IL

*5月のクラス&ワークショップ スケジュール:

 1日(金)  10:30AM-14:30PM
クラフトショー・オープンハウス@ シャンバーグ
場所:1022 Pinehurst Lane, Schaumburg IL

 4日(月)  10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

 8日(金) 09:30AM-13:00PM (子供ずれOK)
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ ミツワCommunity Room
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$6 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

15日(金) 10:00AM-13:00PM
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

19日(火) 10:00AM-13:00PM  (子供ずれOK)
スクラップブッキング & etc. @ シャンバーグ自宅
クラス・ワークショップ代金:$5 + material
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*

23日(土) 10:30AM-12:30PM
持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*(特にグルドット<-お店にも販売しています)

持ち物: ベーシックツールキット*(特にグルドット<-お店にも販売しています)


*ベーシックツールキットは、12" paper trimmer; scissors, black pen/marker, pencil, eraser, ruler, exacto knife, and adhesive (dry=テープのり & wet=液体)です。無い方は、私から借りて下さい。


Craft Fancy (Margie’s classes):
TaDa Creative Studios (Design Team member):
LaserLine (Margie's designs - Plain Jane chipboard items): http://http/





Happy Scrapping!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I didn't realize how long it's been since my last post...apologies! OY!

Well, Chicago is (somewhat) turning SPRING! YEAH! We had a couple of days of 70 degree WARM weather so DH & I have been taking advantage of it by strolling around the neighborhood :0) Wouldn't you know that now it's been raining for 2 days and MAYBE that four-letter S word maybe in coming our way tomorrow? UGH! LOL!!

The last week and a half, I had to say good-bye to yet another Japanese sad :0( But we did something as a couple (her DH is also into guitars) - her first live BLUES music outing. We went to Frankie's in Naperville last Saturday night. It's our first date night in hmmm.....18 months? Two years? Had a great time and it was so warm, I didn't need a jacket!

So if you live near Naperville, IL give this place a try. I had such fun and the nachos were yummy! I think it was my friend's first time trying this dish too! LOL!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TaDa Technique #9 is UP!

Hey everyone!
I just posted my tech on TaDa Creative Studios' blog HERE!

Come see and post your comments if you are inclined to - please do!
Have a great day!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Just a lucky gal!

Well, I was surfing through all my bookmarked blog and saw this sweet post from CraftFancy! Can I just say I am lucky to be working with such cool & hip gals at this store!! Much thanks and appreciate to both Carol & Simone for their faith & trust in me :0) Had to say it...just a lucky gal!

You truly made my day!!! xoxo

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For My Friend, MicheleK!!!

Did that get your attention?! LOL!!

I went to CraftFancy this past Saturday to watching my friends, BethP and MicheleK, do their stuff with Spellbinders and Crafty Secrets, respectively. Can I just say "WOW!"

I have used my purple Spellbinder WIZARD for a few years and every time I see Beth at work, she shows me something new...well, Saturday - she got me down to basics and improved my "cranking" skills ;0P I also had a chance to see the new products IRL! VERY COOL!! Can't wait to get my order...heehee! Since I was there, I brought some of my work using Spellbinder product. One particular item that made everyone stop and look was my altered canvas. It had about 12 different dies used and had the thrill of being published at Scrapbook News & Review (SNR)'s Feb issue! Thanks, SNR!

So Michele, my friend, here's the canvas and I hope it gives you ideas on what you like to do with your canvases! Good luck!