Monday, March 12, 2007

A Graduate!

AH! I can't believe my oldest graduated from 6th grade Japanese school! The youngest went to school on time as usual from the bus stop (8:15am) but we had a late start going to was the first time from the new house! OY! We got there around 12:40pm when he should have been there at 12:20pm! Ooops!

It was LONG~!!!!!!!!!!! So typical of Japanese events....everyone has to make a speech! LOL!! If you are ever invited to a wedding reception...DON'T GO!!! LOL!!!! My DH wanted to ditch the graduation party and have one of our own at home! Not a chance, mister! He lost! Heehee!! Besides some of the kids will not be continuing middle school (i.e. back to Japan, elementary schooling was just enough or some will continue in "cram school") and this will be the last time Takayuki will see them. Looks like he had a good time!

Here are some pics:

Takayuki coming into the gym with his classmates from 6B.

Aren't those flowers beautiful?! Have to find out who arrange them! Had to have it in the background....Takayuki looked amused. One of these days, he will take a decent picture! OY!

Proud dad and son in front of the school. The sign indicates "distribution of graduating diploma" (direct translation).

BTW....we did have our own little graduation party of homemade SUSHI (aka SUSHI Chef DH!)!! It was a great day!