Sunday, April 15, 2007

OK....DH's turn!

OY! I thought my virual infection was BAD!

On Easter Sunday, my DH woke up at 6:30am and felt dizziness, nasuea (sp?), headache and numbness on his left side of his body. So off we go to the ER at St. Alexius Medical Center. They checked him head to toe including CT Scan. From all that has occurred, we could only "conclude" that he might have a minor/mild concussion....during Spring break when I was ordered bed rest, we had not only painted the closet but we (mostly DH) had to take the wire shelves out. Didn't think it would be a problem except those things are determined to stay on the walls! Well, he banged his head against one of those shelves which smarted of course but not to a point of a minor concussion! A few days later, he had some headaches but nothing to write home about....maybe an onset of a cold...we thought.

Then the next day on Monday, his left ear started to bother him so we went to a doctor that the medical center referred us to. So now we think the cause of this whole problem was an ear infection. Thank goodness for the internet because after coming home from the doctor, DH looked up his symptoms to suspect that maybe he had Bell's Palsy.

He took his medication but his ear was getting worse and now it was inflamed....Tues night. The symptoms now looks worse than Bell's and now turned to Ramsey Hunt's Syndome! According to the (again) internet, the recovery rate is less than 50%! OY!!!!!!! Called the doctor on call and she prescribed medication that treats Hunt's. He has some symptoms of this but not all so maybe not all is THAT bad. I don' t know.

Wednesday and Thursday, we took the medication and waited for the effects. None of the five Ear-Nose-Throat specialists in the area were available until Friday so we took the first appointment available....

Went to the specialist on Friday first thing in the AM and reworked his medication which now seems to be working well. His ear is cleared up (95%) but his muscle strength on his left side of face is nil....he can't control his movement....not yet. I'm thinking positive!!!

We have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow afternoon and I'm hoping for some kind of encouragement from him :0) Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Although he doesn't show it, I know he is devasted by this...who could blame him but I am keeping a positive attitude because I know it can only get BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

So for those of you who are the "praying" type, please include my dear hubby on the list for a safe & good recovery - thank you!

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Sanna F said...

Oh no !
I hope your Dh will recover and feel 100% good again!!!

Sending you big hugs!!!