Thursday, April 05, 2007

Out of Order & Catch Up Time...

On Saturday (March 24th), a friend of mine (Michelle) and I FINALLY met for brunch...we haven't seen each other since CKU-A in Oakbrook Terrace a year ago!!! Of course, there isn't much time to catch up so we'll have to do it again, Michelle!!! LOL!!

After seeing her, the next day I had caught a virual infection (caused by stress & fatigue). Woke up to a whole body of the shakes....even DH couldn't warm me up so I took a VERY hot bath and soaked for about 40 mins (finally got it to a regular chill). I believe my temp was about 105 but by the afternoon, I was able to break the temp (only temporary) to call the Dr. on call. Usually I don't call but the shakes were so bad that morning and my left leg broke out in a very bright red from ankle to mid-calf. The dr. told me to drink fluids, take fever reducer and put my leg up. Called my primary the next morning for appointment to check the leg. Good thing I did! The reddiness went up to the knee the next day and stiffness = UGH! My dr. gave me a nice shot on the backside (lovely!) and "cow" pill antibotics. If it didnt' clear up by the end of the week, she's sticking me in the hospital! DH stayed home most of the spring break and was doing stuff around the house (and cooking!). I married a nice guy....most Japanese men wouldn't know what to do esp. cook! We painted our MBR closet too! LOL!! I was on the floor painted the bottom part of the walls and he did the top parts (it was his first and probably his last time he'll paint! LOL!!!). The Closet Works installer came in on Thursday and no more clothes all over the bedrooms! YEAH! The only bright spot of my sick time.

Well, I'm still taking the cow pills until tomorrow! YEAH...I'm counting down!

So my catch up time is to clean up the mess made from last week & a half and looking forward to getting the builder back in here to do something! Since closing on the 1st of March, he has only shown up once.....on March 6th! Since then, he has been calling and calling telling me what day he'll be in to finish up what he started....only not to show up! OY! I called him almost everyday and it's hit or miss in getting him to answer his cell or return my phone calls. DH had to step in and threaten legal action! Well, that got the owner's attention....the guy is supposed to come today! Will believe it when he comes knocking on the door! LOL!! One of the causes of my stress.....

Wish me luck!

Oh! I want to congratulate three IL Scrappers that made it into the honorable mention for CK's Hall of Fame (HOF).....Connie T., Janet O. and Christine T.!!! VERY exciting!!!

OK...back to work!


Sanna F said...

I hope you feel better soon!
It doesn´t sound good that virus!!!

HUGS from Sanna

Jan said...

Hope you're feeling all better soon!!!!

: )