Thursday, October 04, 2007

SPOOKY class...join if you dare!


Guess where I'll be teaching? At Scrappin Deals on October 13th (10am to NOON) and the 21st (2pm to 4pm) in Naperville IL!!!

I have been a customer of theirs for years (first when I lived in NJ) and now they have expanded their business to a creating studio - a place to well...create, of course! LOL!!

So come and create this wonderful word album (SPOOKY) with me! LOVE how it turned out and want to share with everyone each and every page worth! For those who aren't local but love the idea of this kit, you can order from Scrappin' Deals and they'll send one (or two or three...) out to you right away!

A BIG thank you to Jackie (the owner of Scrappin' Deal) for the opportunity and most of all, the FUN!

Hope to see you all at Scrappin' Deal!


Jan said...

That's a very cute book!!!

Theresa Tyree said...

That's an adorable album! Love that paper! What line is that?? Love how you outlined the word SPOOKY in the black squiggly. SO cute!

Becky Conley said...

That is very adorable! you rock!

Sanna F said...

I wish I could come and join you!!!!
I love that book you made! You always make so nice things and you areso so so sweet!


Latharia said...

I hope it was an awesome time! :D Looks like lots of fun!

I don't think I'll be at CKU-Chicago 2008, as I'm heading to the east coast to scrap with a bunch of friends just 2 weeks prior to then!

Theresa Tyree said...

Where's Margie???