Friday, June 29, 2007

Seven Random Facts....

this is for the tag from Susanna (& actually from Leah Fung too)! Sorry this is so late!

1. I am a New Yorker! Don't know if that is GOOD or BAD. But of all the places we moved to, I feel the midwest (particularly the Chicagoland area) is HOME. BUT I am a Yankees fan....sorry, CUBS & WHITE SOX!

2. I moved about nine times during my childhood (NY, GA, TN, IL & Japan). Attended two elementary schools (GA & IL), one junior high school (IL) and three high schools (IL, TN & Japan). WHEW! LOL! Now that I am married, we have moved about five times! You would think I would be used to it....just hate it. Hopefully this pace will slow down :0)

3. I am a product of an international school and very proud of that fact! How many opportunities do you get to study with classmates from so many cultures (Netherlands, UK, NZ, Australia, Mideast and European countries)?! It was like a mini-UN and very intense discussions on differing points of views = VERY COOL! My school is called the American School In Japan....yeah I know, very original! LOL! Some of our well-known alumni are Joan Fontaine (actress), Linda Purl (actress) and Edwin Reischauer (diplomat/scholar).

4. I am especially proud of my father! In the late 1950s, he was given an assignment from the founder of his company to expand the business in the U.S. During this era, anything "Made In Japan" was considered DIRT...I could write another word but I won't! LOL! Today, it is a major electronic brand that most people know! OH...he also named that brand too!

5. I am married to a Buddhist Monk (in the U.S., he's called a Rev.)! LOL!! Luckily for him, he doesn't have to shave his head...yet! If we moved to Japan and he continues this job by taking over a temple.....guess what honey! In the meantime, his day job is an executive in the financial industry.

6. I am a shy person....anyone who knows me, I know is laughing! But it's true! I have a hard time approaching a person without have major butterflies in my stomach! I forced myself to go through college sorority "rush"/recruitment so that I can become more confident! So if you see me, please I don't bite! Come up and say hello...esp. at CHA-Summer in Chicago! I will be doing a Make 'n Take at LaserLine's booth (#6703)....sneeks to be coming soon!

7. I am a mother of two "little" guys and I am not a great mom but yet they love me despite my faults! Gotta love that! One is moving on to junior high and is definitely showing the pre-teen signs! We just got him an electric scooter which he is seriously taking on the responsiblity....he is now making sure that the garage door is closed at all times! LOL! The youngest is moving his way to 5th grade! OY! Where did the time go? They are good boys....most of the time! LOL!

OK! So there are the two tags I need to get done! Exciting, huh! NOT! Thanks for reading all the way down :0)

Next post will be the sneak peeks....PROMISE!
In the meantime, have a great rest of the day!

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Latharia said...

OH, now I wish I were going to CHA to see you! Shy .... Hm...don't know about that!!