Monday, August 27, 2007

Scrapbook Expo 2007

Well, another Scrapbook Expo has come & gone! PHEW! LOL!!!

For the first time, this year I worked a booth and what a booth! It was Dollar Scrapbooking and everything was a dollar! One smart woman thought up this idea (buy up overstock, pack up 'em in traveling pods and sell to consumers who are looking for a great buy)and it has been a hit at every consumer event they go to. The lines are unbelievable...VERY LONG but exciting!

This year, Karen Burniston (and her friend, Sandy) was heading up the Chicago booth and what a treat for me! I have admired this woman for a long time - she is a HOF (Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame winner in 2002) and had her own line with Creative Imaginations. Currently she teaches around the world and also creates these AWESOME mini album with complicated techniques which I LOVE!! You can find some of her work/technique in some of Rusty Pickle's classes too! So thank you, Karen & Sandy!! It was great getting to know you both! What fun women!!

Also wonderful was the fact that I was able to meet some of my Yahoo friends face-to-face!! I am in two IL groups - IL Scrappers & IL Scrapbook Club. We took pictures:

This is from my IL Scrappers' group. Renee & Nicole worked the booth as well on Saturday. Hey, girls! Great seeing you both!

This picture was taken by my good friend, Beth - thank you, Miss Beth! We made her take this picture since she was in line to buy some of Julie Creek's stuff....we were in line with her! The things we scrapbookers do in order to take a picture! LOL!! I'm on the left, Julie Creek of Creek Bank, Marilyn & Renee! Marilyn and I have been trying to meet up for so long - we were only from the same town until recently when I moved! Renee & Marilyn met outside when they struck up a conversation only to find out that they were in the same Yahoo group! LOL!!! Then Marilyn mentioned that she was looking for me but the Dollar Scrapbook booth was so crowd that she gave up on Friday and wanted to try again (Saturday). Luckily I was on break talking to my friend, Beth, when Renee hooked us up and then this group picture above happened! LOL!! What a story! It was meant to be on Saturday, Marilyn!! Oh, btw...I "borrowed" this picture from Marilyn to post on my blog..heehee!!! Thanks, Marilyn!!

So if there's an event near you - GO! I have met so many of my CKU friends, neighbors and other scrappers from other various crops at this event. Although I don't see many of them over the course of the year, it is so good to catch up with them here! You won't be sorry...and the shopping isn't bad either! LOL!!


Latharia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Sounds like the Expo was an awesome time!! :) I bet you were even more busy than you let on!

Theresa Tyree said...

Hey friend! I'm jealous that you had so much fun w/o me!! I don't think we get the Scrapbook Expo in STL but we get CKC. Is it about the same thing?