Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's August and.....

I'm still talking about CHA! LOL!!

With summer and the boys not being in school, I have to piece meal my posts....they get bored easily (gee, go figure! LOL!!)!

I had the opportunity to meet up with my friends at Glue Arts and can I tell you, they are such nice people! Put a buzz in their ear about a product I dreamt they would do and they LISTENED! Thank you, gentlemen, for that and hope that it can be done :0) They also won an award from CHA - the "Most Innovative Product - CHA Summer 2007!" Congratulations!!! Love this product - a trigger & handle type adhesive runner! Hmm...another on my wish list!

Speaking of innovative, I visited TaDa Creative Studios booth and met the ladies who were behind these beautiful designs! They had 12x12 papers that were laser cut into the paper...just beautiful and works well with the other pattern papers they offer! Go check them out!

OH! I have to mention Spaark albums! WOW! I found an album that I don't have to struggle with (aka POSTS!)!!! LOL!! Their binding system is wonderful! If you'll notice on the side, there are two silver "cuffs" with a slit in each. These slits are angled so that the sheet protectors don't slip out once they are placed in the album (so easy to put in!!). They come in several wonderful colors and in two sizes...8x8 & 12x12. Love their album not only because of binding but you can decorate the cover. I LOVE how my cover turned out...if I do say so myself! LOL!!!

Before....still a beautiful album!

After...more of my style!
Love it!!

If you see these Spaark albums, pick one up! You won't regret it! I'm going to get refills for mine!


Sanna F said...

zzWOW what a great time for you!!
I am really jelous!!!! ;)
ANd so fun for you to go on their design team!
You are so talented!!! Congratulations!!!
You are so well worh it!!
HUGS from Sanna

Becky Conley said...

Hi Margie! great to see you at CHA too! are you going to MT? I'm loving the Spaark albums too! I've been invited to the team as well, woohoo!! we're on a team together LOL

Tracy said...

wow!! I Never thought about using index prints like that :) Love the album cover!!