Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Stuff and For Japanese Scrappers!

Catching up here on what I did this past weekend...my youngest brother, Dave, was in the country and was able to stop by Chicago for a couple of days. The boys love when he comes, he adds comedy to the conversation (aka abusing the parents) - LOL!!

Also I attended the annual Crop for a Cause: Making MS a Memory! but only for a few hours since Dave was here and we had dinner plans at DARUMA.

Crop for a Cause: Making MS a Memory! Founder Laura Machonis

Me with Nubia Chaidez, Charity Wings Blogger

CJ and Karen at the Creative Memories MnT Table

Dave had to pick up some (heavy) books for his book worm daughter, I looked through some paper crafting magazines and stumbled upon this...

and to my surprise, this...

Totally forgot that I had submitted....senior moment?! YIKES!

I haven't posted anything new for my Japanese scrappers so this is for them (all in Japanese, of course! LOL!!). But for my nosey non-Japanese friends (a majority of you!), it is a "How To" scrapbooking book released Feb 28 in Japan by the fabulous editor of Love My Memories Magazine, Emi Kume. It took many months and sleepless nights to compile a picture by picture explanation on how each pages were done. Great for beginners and veterans as it covers many techniques, tips and ideas. I cannot wait to get my copy!!

ラブメモ特別編集 (監修:久米英美子) 

「スクラップブッキングの基礎 BOOK 」

この本は、スクラップブッキング初心者が 基礎から学ぶ事ができ、また経験者も基礎を 振り返る事ができるレッスンブックという コンセプトで作りました。

作品33点の作り方つきなので、基礎を ひとつひとつ学びながら、作品も楽しく 作る事がでいる、という内容になっています。

更に切って使える実物大の型紙つき! 型紙は実際に本に掲載している作品に 使用しています。 ミニアルバムの形の型紙(表紙作品の右下)、 封筒ポケットの型紙、そして表紙作品にも背景 として使っている6角形の型紙です。

ちょっと固い紙でできてるので、一度切り取って いただければ、繰り返し使う事ができます。 どんどん活用してくださいね!

殆どのプロジェクトが1時間以内でできます。 12インチ作品、ミニアルバム・ミニブック、 グリーティングカード、ホームデコ・・・色々ありますよ~

材料費は一つのプロジェクトにつき だいたい千円以内になるようにしています。

そして実は今回初めての試みをしています・・・それは全ページ、作り方をインチではなく センチ(cm)で解説した事です。スクラップブッキングはアメリカから入って きているので、製品や作り方、色々な物が 今までインチ表記になっていました。

日本でスクラップブッキングをもっと広げる ためにはやっぱりセンチにしないとね・・というわけで、今回の基礎BOOKで センチ表記にしました。

スクラップブッキングをこれから始める皆さん また、なんとなくスクラップブッキングを今まで やってみてたけど、実は基礎を知りたかったんだという皆さん、是非読んでみてくださいね!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Family time is the best! Congrats on your publications, Margie!

Connie Mercer said...

very cool Margie!!!!!:):):)

Emi Kume said...

Thanks Margie! what a great weekend you had with your family and friends. looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on your card being published! very nice!

Jingle said...

Congratulations on your pub! How fun!

Izzy Anderson said...

Love your card. Congrats on the pub. Does take 10 send you a complimentary copy when published? What a fun discovery!

Pamela said...

Congrats on the pubs! Glad you had a good time with your brother! :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

how fun to have your brother visiting for awhile!!

congrats on the pub!!!!! very cute!

Linda said...

I hope you had a nice visit with your brother. Congrats on the pub!

Karen said...

Congrats on the pub- what a fun surprise! And such a pretty card too :)

Thx for stopping by earlier too :)

Tracy said...

How cool that your work is in both languages and across the world.
So glad you are having a wonderful visit with your brother :)

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

oh how funny - brothers do such a good job and bugging their sister, don't they! congrats on being pubbed!

oh your crop for the cure is soooo wonderful! I have MS and was thinking of doing something just like this!

Penny said...

It's always great when family get to visit! It also looks like you had a blast at the crop! Wonderful weekend! Love Penny

Alyssa said...

Congrats on the magazine feature! That card is lovely.

Nubia said...

Congratulations, Margie! So exciting!

Carrie said...

This is so awesome Margie! I am so excited for you! Your brother isn't the only one in your family with humor!