Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Japan Trip (May 2014): Tokyo Days - Part 2

Continuing from My Japan Trip (May 2014): Tokyo post, I am going to summarize the one week stay into one post here :)

Since my husband was on a business trip the first part of our stay, he left right after dinner to check in to the hotel closest to his meetings. But we ended up seeing each other every night for various obligations - client dinner, family dinner, etc.

Spend the day with my mom and had some great conversation. OK, I admit it's nice to just to sit and have a talk. Kind of hard on the phone overseas...good quality time. Met up with Hosho at Ebisu Station and walked over to his client's office for a chat. Later we had dinner at one of his client's restaurants. YUM!

That day was dedicated to scrapbooking! LOL! My friend who I haven't seen in about nine years lives near Memory Place (Ikebukuro) - the next station over. So we met up at the store and went to lunch. SO EXCITED to see her :) I went a little earlier to bring my artwork/samples and to "play." Such a fun store - I totally recommend if you are in Tokyo :)

I created my travel journal with a $1 note pad! It has contact names, schedule and places I wanted to visit. The cover was created with all sorts of favorite goodies - hint: Hazel & Ruby, Marion Smith Designs, Teresa Collins, Want2Scrap and of course, Spellbinders & Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft! I still have it and it is in wonderful shape :)

Many of my favorite manufacturers were in the house! I spy Spellbinders® Creative Arts Die D-Lites™ die templates and Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Gelatos® = LOVE!!!!

My newest purchase was these wonderful title chipboard created by the amazingly talented Asuka Miyamoto! I had the store keep these for me as they were sold out twice when they came in.

Looked forward to seeing the rest of the family :) We all met up at ANA Intercontinental Hotel for a dinner buffet - perfect for a group dinner! Great food and great company - what a wonderful time! Thank you, Dan and David, for making it happen. This girl is lucky to have two wonderful brothers :)

My mother-in-law from Fukui Pref. came into town to see us (and my mom - lol!). She is SO funny and easy going. My mom's apartment building has several guest rooms (think hotel) and we were able to get one for her to stay in. We had a great time - although short, we were able to see some Tokyo sights too.

Then it was Monday and we had to good-bye to my mother-in-law.
AND it was the START OF VACATION!! Off to ONSEN (Hot Springs) Adventure! WOOHOO~!!

Stay tuned to another post...sorry! LOL!!
Thank you for visiting!
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Marisa Job said...

What a wonderful trip you had in Japan! Great pictures!!

Cheryl said...

Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing! Someday I hope to visit Japan.

Mona Pendleton said...

Oh wow! Looks like you had a great time! Love to see some of my favorite products all the way over there! :) TFS