Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Japan Trip (May 2014): Manza Onsen Hot Springs

This is part 3 of My Japan Trip (May 2014)! If you like to catch up, click on to each blog post title below (don't forget to click on images a larger view):

After saying good-bye to my mother-in-law, we packed up a bag to take for our vacation. The bigger one was taken to our neighborhood 7Eleven who can arrange our bag to be delivered to Narita Airport via Takyubin (similar to a UPS/FedEx). LOVE the efficiency of Japan! LOL!

Then we took the train up to Ueno Station and hopped on the Kusatsu Limited Express Train - a three hour ride to our destination, Manza.

What's a train ride without an EkiBen (aka train station bento box lunch)?! I got the #1 favorite of one store and Hosho got one that can be heated without a microwave - a heating component in the bottom of the box! It works! Only in Japan - LOL!

This was our dessert (we should've gotten more!) - a flaky pastry with light cream and sweet bean paste called Danish Panda. OMGosh, so good!

It rained when we arrived - not a good start but once we got to the hotel, everything was just right. Our room had an amazing view of the hot springs puffing smoke through the earth. Now you don't see that everyday!

After taking our hot spring baths, we joined the other guests for a buffet style dinner. Although not romantic, it was fun to eat a Japanese food buffet! FUN! Notice everyone is wearing the same thing...most Japanese hotels will provide these YUKATAs to use as pajamas and to walk around town in. Less to pack!

The next day it was SO NICE out Hosho had this great idea to go hiking. For those who know me, I don't hike! LOL!! He said it will only be 20 mins - HA! Try more than double that time. BUT it was worth it.

He took me to Mt. Kusatsu Shirane, an active volcano (he forgot to mention that part until later!) to see Yugama Crater Lake (known for its high acidic content).

See the little road next to me with the sign (first picture - click on images for larger view)? That hiking trail I was supposed to take (it's an easy 10 min hike) was close due to POISONOUS GAS! Really?! Why are we here?! OY~!

ARE WE THERE YET? 20 mins later....
This is Yugama Crater Lake with its beautiful (& POISONOUS GAS..did I mention that already?) turquoise blue surface...

After walking down and back to the bus stop, we were off to our next destination...KUSATSU!

Sorry - that's another post :)
To be continued - thanks for reading!


AerynK Designs said...

So exciting! And I love the look at the little bento box. Food photos are my favourite!

Kelly Roberts said...

What an exciting trip!!! I am not crazy about hiking either but glad you did it and got to see some amazing things without the poisonious stuff. lol!