Saturday, November 20, 2021

StencilGirl: Mushroom Gills Cloud Canvas

Hello Friends! Wonderful mixed media artist friend, Tina Walker, called out to makers interested in contributing to her article over at StencilGirl earlier this year. Well, I ended up creating two projects. One for Tina's article, Woodland Mushroom Canvas, and this one, Mushroom Gills Cloud Canvas. As a fan girl of Debi Adams' style and design, I had to showcase this stencil because I LOVE how it turned out! LOL! 

When I researched more about mushrooms, I had no idea the different colors there are! Inspired by the unique coloring, I grabbed my Gelatos and stencil paste to go to work! What do you think?

**I receive products from Faber-Castell for use in my projects. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience and doing so I can share what I personally love to use.**

Making the Background

I used a piece of 2.5 x 3.5-inch mixed media paper to create my ATC. The background was colored with three Gelatos and then blended with a baby wipe. Keep layering colors until you get the desired look. Let dry.

The Focal Point

Using wide washi tape, I centered and secured the Mushroom Gills Stencil to the painted canvas. Apply the modeling paste across the stencil for full coverage. I let it sit for a moment and then gently took off the stencil.

LOVE! I could've left it the way it was - black and white are always stunning! LOL! But it's fall and I want color! Let this dry completely.

Adding Colors

Before adding colors, I placed the Mushroom Gills Stencil back on the dried paste. It would serve as a guide when I wanted precise coloring. 

Using the same wide washi tape, I secured the stencil. There are three full mushrooms in the center. I concentrated on those as my focal shapes. 

The first one, I colored with Strawberry Gelatos which I knew had a more creamy consistency so I taped around the mushroom to control the coloring. I used my fingers to spread the need for anything else.

For the other two mushrooms, I had help with coloring using water and a paintbrush. There are signs of seepage but I didn't care - it's mixed media! LOL! Color the rest of the mushroom designs.

I hope you enjoyed this Mushroom Gills Cloud Canvas. Would love it if you follow me on the blog or my ILscraps Instagram!

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Skill Level: Intermediate
Creative Time: 40 minutes

Materials Needed:
Stencil: StencilGirl (Mushroom Gills 6 x 6 Stencil by Debi Adams)
Colors: Faber-Castell (Gelatos: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Red Cherry, Orange Soda, and Earl Grey)
Molding Paste: Golden
Other: Canvas; Black Acrylic Paint; Foam Brush; Paint Brush; Baby Wipe; Washi Tape

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Celeste Goff said...

Margie, this is gorgeous! Love those vibrant metallic looking colors against the black!