Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Proud Mama...the chick or the egg?

First the chick...have to give praise to my youngest since he doesn't get enough...always overshadowed by his big brother.

He was chosen from two school districts (at the seventh grade level) to be invited to a high school summer school pilot program that's geared towards future engineers (be aerospace, genetic, mechanical). WHEW! That was long! LOL!!

Don't know how many were invited but our district alone has about six to seven junior high schools. I had to go in person to register - it's that new. LOL!! So excited for him. He's a little nervous being it's held at a high school setting and he's riding the bus to school (it's at another high school).

I was wondering what to do with the little guy during the summer, big brother is planning on attending both sessions of high school summer school plus a tennis camp. Then we get this invitation in the mail...what timing!

Good job, Hiro!! We are so proud of you!! xo

Now the egg, I published a post on Spellbiners' blog. I made an Egg-shaped card and it turned out like this:

To find out how to make a perfect shape, check it out HERE!
Thanks for stopping by :0)


Beth Pingry said...

You've got a smart egg, Margie! Congrats to Hiro!

Terri Davenport said...

Congrats to him! How exciting!

Judy Hayes said...

This card is so cute. I saw it on the Spellbinders blog today.
Thank you for your kind welcome comment on my blog today! How nice of you!