Saturday, November 04, 2006

Harvest Crop 2006

....well, just got back from the crop! After working a full 12 hours, I still feel like scrapping! Frozen Memories had their first major event and I think it was a success! All paid scrappers were accounted for except for one special person...she had to work today at the last minute. But I hope to see her soon...sorry you missed it - there will be other crops!

Julie did a WONDERFUL job organizing this crop and I believe everyone had a good time! Thanks to all who attended and those who helped to make this event a success! Hope that many more folks will join us for the next one! Just to give you an idea of what a good time is, here's some pictures!

Scrappers hard at work!

The lunchtime crowd!

MargieH with Quickutz Guru, JulieB!

Our dessert, ice cream cake! YUMMY!!!

I do have to say that Tony did a GREAT job on the turkey dinner....I went back twice with heaping helpings of EVERYTHING! Thanks, Tony! to bed! Have a great weekend!

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