Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary!

Can you believe I remember to vote but totally forgot about my wedding anniversary?! LOL!!! My DH saw a bottle of red wine the day before thinking....oh, boy....should I get a card or flowers - no, let's go out for dinner! So he calls me from work and said where should we go? My answer "what are you talking about?" OY! He couldn't take back his question so off we go for dinner...with boys in tow! Heehee!!! We went over to ABASHIRI Restaurant in Bloomingdale on Lake Street. If you're into Japanese food - GO! The cook is Japanese and has been so YUMMY (unlike the first few weeks of opening). I think we go there about once every other week! We NEVER go out to eat!

So the next day (the 8th), Hosho and I spent some time hiking in the forest preserves by Silver Lakes in the Wheaton/Warrenville was the day that the temps were around the high 60s. I have never been in this part of the reserves (it's off of Mack Rd., west of Winfield Rd.). Here are some pics I took along the way:

It was a great and relaxing day...peaceful until 3:30pm (when the boys come rushing in)!! LOL!!
So happy anniversary, Hosho - xoxoxo! Doesn't seem like 14 years - wow, time flies!

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