Monday, December 08, 2008

Speaking of tags....

This is for the benefit of my Japanese promised, here's the pictures of the tags we'll be making this month (most without ribbons when I took this picture/you will have them):


This past weekend has been a rush of events for us. Saturday, my oldest DS had to skip Saturday Japanese school to take a placement test for high school (he'll be a freshman in the fall @ Schaumburg High School) - YIKES! How did he grow up that fast?! Right afterwards, I had to take DS #2 to the bus stop so that he could attend Japanese school (was not happy that big brother wasn't going...he indicated that he wanted to take the placement test! LOL!! Wait 2 years, kid! You'll have your chance! Then I rushed to get my hair done and get to the dry cleaners before picking up DS#1...didn't quite make so DH had to step in and get our little guy. Then off to a holiday party all the way the chance to catch up on friends at this annual gathering...too much white wine & champagne ;0P But so much fun!

Sunday, it was back downtown (Wrigleyville) to Church. It was so nice to see our congregation members as some of them are close to 80s and 90s years young. The ladies made this wonderful hot ODEN (kind of like a thin brothed stew full of potatoes, vegggies and fish cakes)...great for a hangover! LOL!!! Then afterwards we went to MITSUWA for some much needed food shopping! LOL!! Then we passed out at was a very quiet evening!

So how was your weekend?


chelemom said...

Hey Margie! I am so glad you came to "visit" me! Your tags are great!!! And yes, a little bit less of the snow and cold would be great! I am coming on the 4th to the store to help out! Maybe you can sneak by for a visit!

Latharia said...

Oh, those tags are AWESOME! It almost makes me wish I had more presents to wrap so I needed more tags. I think when I'm done with my Journal Your Christmas class, I am going to use the leftover stuff to make cards & tags for next year!

Mariangeles M said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and watch our video :oD

Merry Christmas!!