Sunday, October 31, 2010

Japan or Bust!

We left on Wednesday (10/20) from O'Hare Airport and flew straight to Tokyo (NARITA Airport) - 12 hours...sigh. The plane was packed! One of cabin attendants was from Schaumburg and his daughter graduated from Schaumburg H.S. A funnier story: she was on the tennis team (my son is also on the tennis team)! LOL!! Small world!

The boys before boarding the LONG flight...we walked around the Terminal before heading to the gate.

These are our seats - we decided to sit in the back so that we can stretch our legs. We were smiling BEFORE the flight - HA!

10/21 in TOKYO!! We are about to board the NARITA Express train that goes into TOKYO Station around rush hour (I said a little prayer before we hit our destination) - if anyone knows about Japan's rush hour, you can understand why. LOL!!

When we finally got to my mom's, we paid respects to this guy (his picture is hiding behind the white flowers) wonderful father at our family alter. His favorite flower is white orchid...can you tell?! LOL!!

Then we had some dinner with my family at NISHI AZABU's TORAJI (Korean BBQ) - great food and great company. It was nice to see the family together again. I think it's been six years! WOW!

A great excuse to get Grandmother Fujii with all her grandkids - love this picture!!

Across the street we go to Hobson's Ice Cream Parlor - can't believe it's still here! It was there before I left for Japan about 20 years ago! There was always a HUGE line for ice cream!

And that is the end of our first day in Japan! Oh, we woke up (except for Taka - that kid didn't have any signs of jet lag! LOL!) and we shopped at 7Eleven at 2AM! LOL!


Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of these pictures and reading about your trip.

Welcome home!

nan said...

I am loving the story and the pictures here Margie!!!