Friday, October 29, 2010

Spellbinders' Visit to Haiti

Spellbinders' Stacey Caron (President) and Kim Hupke (Director of Education) also took an overseas trip - a meaningful one to Haiti to visit with some very special people. It is full of information, heartbreak, appreciation and most of all, love.

As I have said many times over and over, I am so proud to be part of  the Spellbinders Family. They not only know how to craft and think of innovative ideas but they also have a heart.

There are four entries. I hope you take the time to read these inspiring insights and comment your thoughts on the posts - I'm sure they would love your feedback.

Stacey Caron Visits Haiti Annoucement

Mission To Haiti (Part One)

Mission To Haiti (Part Two)

Mission To Haiti (Part Three)

Thank you!

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