Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never A Dull Moment...

Hey all!

Been working on getting ready for an article for Love My Memories (Jpn SB magazine) but it has been a bear to finish. The pictures finally came through!! Sorry for being a pest for two weeks, Miss M!! Let's hope that the editors don't pull it due to deadline which past a LONG TIME ago! YIKES! So please send me good thoughts my way! LOL!!

In between I've been sewing (don't faint, Mrs. Fish!!) or should I correct that by writing "I'm trying to sew!" LOL! My youngest will be in a Japanese play and I have to put together a KIMONO jacket/JINBEI. I was stuck on the collar! OY! Pray for me! LOL!! Here's before I put the collar on...

Tomorrow, I'm off to Spellbinders™ Design Team Retreat to learn more about the Company, techniques, its marketing and get to know the rest of the gang. I am most excited to get to know my co-blog author Holly! We'll be rooming together! So I am trying to get everything in place at home while I'm gone. AM carpool for oldest - check; PM carpool for oldest & youngest - check; lunch for youngest - check; and summer school sign up - check! All that needs to be done is LAUNDRY & PACKING!! OY!

Be good...will post pictures when I get back and recovered! LOL!!

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Nicole said...

Busy woman you!
Have fun at your retreat. Always love getting away with other people that 'get it'! lol!