Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another Proud Mama Moment

OK..this time, it's about my oldest boy and his freshman year tennis.

He had his first home tennis match as a high school player yesterday. I am not familiar with tennis but he's on a doubles team with a sophomore partner on the junior varsity team as #1 doubles team...hope that makes sense. LOL!!

Unfortunately they lost...figures when I'm there! LOL! But the day before they won their match...or is it game? UGH! I better figure this out before the season ends ;0P Either way, I am very proud of him.

Now if I can only get him to be as enthusiastic with his school work, I would be MORE HAPPIER!! Am I asking too much?! Seriously.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday (a beautiful warm day btw but windy!)...please forgive the fence, couldn't sneek into the courts without being bonked by a tennis ball.

And a big pow wow at the was nice :0)

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