Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I'm sure you're getting sick of looking at my "lovely" basement so I thought I'd post...sorry for the delay - lots of things happening with us.

First big news is that we're selling our house. NO!!!! Not because of the flood but we thought it would be best to look to the future. We have a couple of options that we're looking at: 1. invest in a townhome property near or in the Japanese community here in Chicago (we would live there for a few years and then we rent it out to a Japanese family for rental income); and 2. really buckle down and do some serious work at the church by renovating the minister's resident and live there. Still mix feelings about it but we need to think about our future (i.e. where we need to eventually retire = Japan? and financially be even stronger). Don't get me wrong, we are living comfortable but I'd rather we stash away $$ for our "mature" years - LOL!!!

We'll see, it's a VERY soft market and I don't expect us to move anytime soon. BUT we did get a nibble...the buyer is crunching numbers as we speak! Not even on the market for a full week and we get an "interested" party! YIKES! Even my wonderful realtor was surprised! LOL!!

SOOOoooooo.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I'm going to the youngest's elementary school for the Halloween parade and party. Looking forward to it since my middle schooler doesn't have that kind of event anymore...sniff, sniff! Guess I better get the outdoor decorations out! LOL!!

Another happening...I started classes at Cherish Scrapbooking in South Naperville! So excited! Did a basic scrapbooking class (SB101) with two students last Sunday afternoon. Very relaxing, intimate and FUN! We did all sorts of technique and they went home happy to do their first layout and I was there to help! LOVE IT!!! Here's the layout we're doing in my SB101 class...

My next class at Cherish will be Nov. 10 (Fri, 10am to NOON) and Nov. 18 (Sat, 10am to NOON) that I think would be TONS of fun! We'll be using a round chipboard album from Rusty Pickle, lots of ribbons from American Crafts, trying out the new Ranger Ink's dabbers that everyone has been raving about, patterned papers from DaisyD's latest Christmas release and again, doing some cool techniques to put an awesome album together! Are you up for the challenge?! LOL! If you're interested, call and have some fun!! Here's a pic of the completed album called "Joy of Christmas Past..."

Now another favorite LSS is Frozen Memories! Did you hear about their 14-hour crop this Saturday (Nov 4, 10am to MIDNIGHT)?! It's sounds like a wonderful day...wanna come? You'll need to sign up REAL QUICK...I think they may have 1 or 2 spots open! So if you're free, call and come join us!!! You get lunch, snacks/drinks and a TURKEY dinner all for only $25!!!! I sound like a commercial but how can you bet this price! LMBO!! I'd pay but I'm working at the crop - LOL!!! So who's coming?!

Also needed to get some fall pictures since the Chicago area is going through some funky weather...most of October has been below normal temps and the leaves were disappearing! AH~! I had to bribe the guys into Frozen Memories' homemade ice cream for them to cooperate - UGH! So here are pics of Chicago's fall!

AH~brotherhood! LOL!!!

OK...so this is what I get for the milk shake later! LOL!! Here's hoping that they will continue to let me take their pictures (minus the bribes! LOL)!!

Have a wonderful halloween and hope that everyone makes their rounds safely!!!

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