Thursday, October 05, 2006

A flooded basement....

Well, our worst fear has happened...the basement flooded and it wasn't pretty. LOL!!

We had a HUGE storm come through the Chicago area (biggest one since 1996) and the power went out...the rain kept pouring...and no sump pump moving...and no backup battery pump!!! OY! First time "flood victims" and we're not liking it! LOL!!

We had about 1-2 feet of water. I woke up and started cleaning from 5:30am. Got the boys dressed, fed and out to school in between. Went to the store and bought a mop and about 50 garbage bags...thank goodness it was garbage day - our only bright light that day! He took about 15 extra bags out for us - love Waste Mgm't! LOL!! I think I bagged a total about 30-35 bags of wet stuff!

Thank goodness for GOOD neighbors! I will not reveal my life saver's name because I KNOW he will get phone calls!!! LMBO! He came to our rescue when we found out that you couldn't simply dry the water heaters and light the pilot light! What were we thinking? LOL!! They were only 2 years old - yes, they! We have two water heaters because we have a big house and a HUGE bathtub that we use everyday. Being Japanese, bath is a major part of our routine :0) Well after two hours, both my DH and our handy friend were able to salvage both heaters and the furnace! PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! Saved us THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$! Thanks again Mr. R!!!! We definitely owe you (and the Mrs.) a wonderful SUSHI dinner!!!

Yesterday, we lucked out...had a wonderful company come out at 7AM to take out everything in the basement and haul it out of here!! If you're in the Chicago area and you need stuff hauled out, call Metropolitan Clean-Out & Haul-Away Services (in Elmhurst but they go all over/630-359-4285). The guys were great, efficient and reasonable!!!

So after the guys left, I went to mop the floors but couldn't finish in an afternoon so back down I go today! Wish me luck! LOL!! Oh and after this is done, my shopping trip will include a trip to Home Depot and a purchase of a new backup pump! Ya think?! LOL!!!!

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