Tuesday, January 24, 2006


That's all I can say! LOL!!

The lottery is over (for now)! Taka picked #10 and Hiro picked #27 which means that it's less likely that I will be class mom in Hiro's class BUT with Taka, there is a "slight" chance I will be. The kids' moms that picked from 1 - 10 are in the "danger" zone due to families moving to Japan or other locations from the Chicagoland area, expectant mothers, serving as class mom in the last two years (they get an exemption for "serving") or dropping Japanese school all together.

Now my next challenge is the bus monitor lottery! OY!!!!!!!!!! As bus monitor, you are the liaison between the riders' families, school bus company and school. This time, it will be the parents that draw the number. I make DH do so that I don't hear about it later :0) That won't happen until the end of the school year (mid-March). There is too much stress attending this school - LOL!!

OK, enough of this stuff and on to my favorite subject - scrapbooking!!!

CKU-A Chicago is around the corner and I'm in TONS of swap (what was I thinking?!) - LOL!! Wanted to show off my first circle journal and I even decorated the cover...hope it stays on till the end & beyond! The theme is SIMPLE JOYs and it is whatever the author wants it to be....a cup of coffee, music, family & friends.... So what do you think?

Now I've got to finish a recipe swap that needs to be mailed out tomorrow...Irish Soda Bread! LOL...I have green blood in my veins (shhh! Nobody knows!)!!!! Have to pop over to Archivers and get some St. Patty's PP.

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