Friday, September 11, 2009

Just wanted to say....

I remember Sept 11th if it was yesterday...the silence, the smell and the scene. Prayers to all my friends who lost family and thoughts are with you as another year has gone by. May good memories continue to help you through this difficult day. xo

For those who only know me for less than five years (since we moved back to the Chicago area), we also lived on the east coast during this horrible event. Here's our story and we were/are VERY LUCKY! Thankful everyday - no matter how hard of a day it is...we are thankful.

Another note...
A year ago yesterday (I was sick yesterday so I wasn't able to post or visit Frozen Memories in Bartlett IL), a dear friend and owner of Frozen Memories, Becky Burnetti passed away suddenly. I'm linking the store's blog post because it had some great pictures I took of her during the time I taught there...MISS YOU BECKY!!! xo post will be more of a happier note...PROMISE! So thanks for bearing with me :0)

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