Sunday, February 08, 2009

Do you know how much I love Teresa Collins?!


Just now, I was surfing the blogs that I bookmarked - paper crafters who I love & get inspiration from. What a SUPER SUPRISE to see my Valentine Wreath on Teresa Collins' blog!!!! WOW!

Totally made my day! I privately emailed her about how much I loved her CRUSH line and how it inspired me to make a wreath. My friends @ Craft Fancy really loved it so we decided to offer a class!

Here's the pictures that I "stole" from Craft Fancy...

Can't really tell from the pictures but had used a lot of foam tape to give it a 3D effect. Really loved how this turned out...thanks to Miss Teresa's design!! LOL!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend :0)


Beth Pingry said...

Well how cute is that!!!! I will talk to you tomorrow - you know I love a good lunch!

Anonymous said...

The wreath is adorable! So glad Teresa posted it on her blog too.

Kevin Renz said...

Hi Margie! I just got your e-mail and wanted to come and say hi back. Thanks for the welcome.

Michele Kovack said...

HOW COOL IS THAT???? AWESOME!!! It is an adorable wreath!!!!