Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas 2008...

OK...just for you, Renee! I will post what we got for Christmas! LOL!!

Here goes...


A bunch of law enforcement-related books-he "thinks" he wants to get into that field..first it was police, then SWAT and now FBI..oh, wait...back to SWAT? OY! These are from Hiro.
An iTune gift card from Santa..already used up in 20 mins!
A cell phone from parents since it's FREE and on family plan.
LL Bean winter coat from his uncle because he doesn't have a decent one!
$$ from various "sources" (aka relatives) due to birthday & holidays.
Lots of sleep-ins! LOL!!


A bunch of word search books from Taka
A board game from Santa
A cell phone from I'll know where he is!
An American Eagle jacket from his uncle
$$ from same source & same reason
Computer time & many sleepovers with friend.

A coin bank from he can stop harrasing the bank teller with all those coins!
LL Bean winter coat...otherwise Taka will not have a winter coat! LOL!! He was eyeing Taka's coat...actually it's nice one...the Weather Channel guys use's light but it keeps you warm & dry...a pretty good investment!

A HUGE box full of Maya Roads goodies from Santa, of course 'cuz he understands me! LOL!! And it's the only surprise for Christmas! LOL!!
A of those HUGE throws w/ sleeves...which btw took me the next day to use because everyone else had it the entire Christmas Day....I will not name names but...

Need I say more?! LOL!!

It was a very peaceful Christmas...spending time with family :0)

And not outside where we've had snow for at least a month we had our White Christmas and am now done with careful what you wish for, right?! LOL!! But isn't it beautiful :0)

This is from our front door looking west...this is our deck...totally buried in snow!! YIKES!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!
Will post about the new year soon!


renee said...

I'll trade you my Debbie Mumm stuff for the Maya Road stuff!! LOL Glad to see you survuved the Holidays

chelemom said...

It was so great to see you too!!!! Your house is gorgeous!!!(From your X-mas pics) Love that staircase!!! We'll have to do lunch next time, OK? Have a great week!

Mariangeles M said...

Great pics!! TFS

Sanna F said...

Looks like a great christmas!!!!!
Hugs from Sanna