Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

AH! Can't believe it's 2007! Wishing everyone a great year!

Here's a peek at the foods we enjoy during the new year's holiday - called OSECHI RYORI.

This is called KURIKINTON....basically it's mashed chestnuts (something like mashed potatoes but sweeter and that a word?!). This is one of my favorite dishes!
This a kind of fish cake and since it's mostly white, they dye it in different colors and they make designs in the middle of the cake. When you go to slice the "loaf," you get these slices pictured here.
These are eggs rolled in layers and sliced. Hosho made these....isn't this beautiful!
We also cooked up a New York strip steak and little hamburger patties...and a few other dishes.
In Japan after days of cleaning our homes (detail cleaning), we spend time on preparing foods that can last at least a few days since in the "olden" days, all the shops were closed for about a week. But that's not fesible and they only close for a couple of days. In recent times, people spend their time on vacation mostly overseas so these kinds of food are not so popular. Actually those who still enjoy it will most likely order it as a set from department stores. Here we are able to order at Mitsuwa (Arlington Hts. IL) but I don't like to do that so we make some of the dishes and purchase pre-made stuff. This makes us feel less guilty - LOL!! But we also work on new year's day....New Years services at church. The church members make some AWESOME homemade dishes that we will enjoy tomorrow afternoon for lunch! Can't wait!
So, do you do anything for the new year as a tradition? Do share!
Again, a happy new year to you and your loved ones!

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Latharia said...

Very cool!!!! Thanks for sharing a slice of life, literally! :)