Saturday, September 23, 2006


A delay in updating - SORRY!!
Well, had a blast @ Fiona's crop (aka FUNscraps) a week ago!
I taught two classes on Saturday and from the feedback of the survey, it went over well. Considering most really aren't into altered art stuff!

The first class consisted of an old/promo. CD, you had to sand lightly so that you have "teeth" to use your wet adhesive with and cover with pattern paper (front & back). I had them use the CROPaDILE, a tool that sets eyelets and punches holes out of most anything (light metal, chipboard, plastic, paper, etc.). They were thrilled how easy it was to punch through the too! Heehee!!

The second class consisted of folding a 12x12 cardstock in various ways to make a card or a mini album (by adhering two of these 12x12 together) or a journal/photo foldout in your page.

It was great to meet fellow ILScrappers in person - we were in stiches Friday night...thanks to our security guard (Mark)!!! He actually purchased Creative Memories photo paper in the past but kept insisting that he should be able to purchase at the same price as several years ago?! Poor Fiona...she kindly explained the thinking behind inflation, etc. The rest of us had to bite our lips, trying not to laugh!!! OY! It was interesting to say the least!

Here's some fun pics from the event!!

FINALLY a picture of Fiona and me!! After two years of knowing each other, we have a picture of just us two! LOL!!

Some of buds from ILScrappers! Hey, gals!

If you're thinking of doing a crop/gathering....DO IT! You won't be sorry!! LOL!!

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