Thursday, August 17, 2006

AH....middle school!

That was my feeling when realizing that my oldest was going to register today...last night, this nervous mother was NOT getting any sleep! LOL!!

BUT it was fine....well, except that he taken 20 mins to get his combination locker open! GRRrrrr...I bought a combination lock to practice on a couple of weeks earlier. He had gotten that opened after the 8th try so I ASSUMED that he won't have any problems with the real deal! HA! I was wrong! Got most of his stuff in the locker (VERY narrow!)...need a couple more things now that he knows which "team" he'll be on. Going to classes by himself?! NO PROBLEM! Me?! OMGosh!!! I got lost...had to follow him to all his classes! He gets Well, let say I'm glad I don't attend school anymore! LOL!!

Let's say that I'm SO glad that his school picture will be better than this one! UGH! A boy that was TOTALLY embarrassed that his parent had brought a camera to school! Heehee!

Now to wait until next Tuesday (1/2 day) for school to start! I get my life back but I'm going to miss these little guys hanging around me all day!

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