Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy December!!

Already it's December..I wasn't done with November nor October!! YIKES!

Well, October has one/two more posts of our trip to Japan. All I can say it's a work in progress! I'm trying to get the names and places straight! LOL!! So bear with me - I will get it done...soon ;0P  Here's a picture to tie you over! LOL!!

As for November, I wanted to share my Thanksgiving dinner. This is the second year that we had dinner with just the four of us.

I usually invite a Japanese family or two to dinner since Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday. Plus the fact that turkey is not a staple in the Japanese diet. I also celebrate Christmas with them just to add the festivities. So I deck the whole house out in Christmas, even the tree comes out with gifts for everyone.

Well, let's just say the Christmas tree hasn't make an appearance yet...only the wreath! LOL!! Note to self: get the tree out!! It's perfect today - we have snow falling this morning! What a hint :)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll be back with some crafty stuff soon :0)

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Karen Taylor said...

I love reading about your traditions...Turkey is not a staple of my vegetarian diet either ;)
Thanks for the reminder..."get tree down"!