Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Can't believe it's the middle of June...where did the time go?! You can tell it's June...end of school, beginning of summer school, my birthday, all the graduation parties (WHEW!) and Father's Day!

So today I just want to wish my father and the father of my children - A WONDERFUL FATHER'S DAY!! Thanks for all you do to make our lives that much better!! LOVE YOU TONS!!

About two week's ago, I created a card with dad in mind for Spellbinders™ blog and loved how it turned out...metal and all! If you're interested in the steps on how to do this, click HERE.

Today we have church services. After we get back home, I'm off to phone my dad to catch up with him (and mom, of course). Then a quiet (?) dinner with the family.

Hope you get a chance to appreciate your dad today!
Thanks for stopping by! xo

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Katie Renz said...

A fabulous Father's Day Card.