Friday, April 09, 2010

I Challenge YOU To A....

Well, a challenge! LOL!
Really it's a TaDa (Creative Studio) Challenge :0)

Here is the detail:
Happy Friday to all! I’m excited to see the weekend come, even though it’s cold and rainy here. Why? Because that’s a PERFECT time to SCRAPBOOK!!!

I want to throw a simple, 2-part challenge out to our readers to kick off the DT Challenge posts:
Part 1: Scrapbook yourself.
No, not too many of us like to be in FRONT of the camera, for any number of reasons (none of which will be named here. ) But write about yourself – your habits, your hopes, your dreams, your frustrations, your strengths, your weaknesses, your vices…whatever. Showcase YOU.

Part 2: Use the TaDa line that you love most, the one that reflects you and your personality best.
Can’t wait to see what you all can do! Be sure to post links
HERE when you’re done. DTers, this is for you, too, if you’re so inclined! Post your layouts here so we can all be inspired!

Here’s to good scrap time and lots of mojo, my friends!

Soooo are you up for it? I'm hoping to get at least a start on it as I am going to designers' retreat next week (SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!). There's no due date...yet. So you have some time to purchase your stash of TaDa products. Click HERE for a store or online store that can help you.

Good luck!!

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