Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A 4th Grader...

That's what my youngest is going to be this year! I think a lot of mothers reflect on their children's first time going to either kindergarten or first grade during this time of year. I was talking to Hiroyuki (my youngest) about how it feels to be in elementary school WITHOUT his big brother and he said "sad." I did feel for him but told him, it's his chance to shine without his big brother's shadow. So we'll see how he'll shine this year! LOL!!

Both boys started school (well, half day) yesterday and both felt GOOD about their school year...they should! It's only half day yesterday! LOL!!! Of course, mom was with camera in tow but both were too tired to argue! Heehee!!

OK...I'm up physically but don't ask me questions that will make me think! Taka walking out our front walk.

, hurry up and take the picture! Oops....the bus is a little farther than I thought! LOL! See the headlights....that's Bus #3! Heehee!!

WAH! There goes my MIDDLE SCHOOLer! He had a wonderful day yesterday...keep it up!

I went to school with my that kid is hard to take a picture of! GRRrrrr!!! This is the only decent one!

And this one of his new 4th grade teacher! I heard she's strict and I like it that way! LOL!!

AH! Another school year is starting! I'm hoping for a good one!

So....who's starting school too?


Chris said...

Hey Margie. My girls started today. I took Lauren to school (she's in 5th grade), but had to have my MIL come and make sure Dena got on the middle school bus (she's in 7th grade). Tomorrow will be a bit better, although their busses come 7 minutes apart and they are on two different corners! UGH!

Cheryl Wray said...

Yikes, we started back on August 11th down here in Alabama. Just way TOO early in my opinion! Sent my oldest off to high school (!!) and my middle to her 5th grade year. They're getting more independent all the time!!