Friday, July 28, 2006

CHA-Part 3 (cont'd)

For some strange reason, the blog will not let me post any more pictures?! So I want to make sure I have these pictures posted because I want to make a point! LOL!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Miss WendyM...our hostess with the mostess (is that a word?)!!! Smooches to you, sweetie, for a WONDERFUL bash and to the "bag" ladies & the rest of the PUBsters for helping out behind the scenes!!

This is my girlfirend, Fiona, who had the BEST time and won a door prize @ the BASH! Thanks to the ladies who were gracious in making Fiona feel welcomed to her first 2Peas event!

"Kim in IA" has been so nice via emails and from my friend, Beth, was telling about her! I was THRILLED to meet her in person! What a doll! Spellbinders were kind enough to donate one of their GREAT machines (the Wizard) for the door prize pool! LOVE this machine (thank you, Beth, for bringing me to the PURPLE SIDE!!!)! post will be on CHA!

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