Thursday, July 27, 2006

CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc./trade show) - Part I

Well, my blog FINALLY decided it was going to cooperate! YEAH! Since I spent the entire weekend @ CHA, I thought I'd post in sections - LOL!! For those who are unfamiliar with CHA, it is where craft retailers purchase from the manufacturers products (related to their business). It is so exciting to see what is up & coming and most of the exhibitors are scrapbook-related (estimated as 50%).

So we'll go in order! The starting point was on Thursday night (July 20th) in Rosemont...well, actually Des Plaines where the Chinese buffet restaurant was located and so YUMMY! Thanks, Fiona, for recommending and taking us there! We had a pow-wow for NSA (National Scrapbooking Association) to discuss our marketing approach as well as getting our "uniform" (a white tee or polo shirt with the NSA logo on it). I got the polo shirt and LOVED it! Thanks to Veronica Hugger for giving us the chance to "expand the passion (ETP)" to CHA! Here are some pics from that night....

This is the group that came to dinner (sorry to have missed those who couldn't join us!!). It's a bad pic but everyone had a GOOD time! Veronica was hysterical!

That's me with Veronica Hugger (president & co-founder) of NSA! Had fun working with ya, girl!

Then our waiter, Theo, asked whose birthday it was - Veronica blurted out "It's Linda's!" Well, imagine the surprise on Linda's face when they brought out the cheesecake w/ fruit plate! LOL!! But I think she enjoyed it! Too funny!!

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