Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CKU-A or BUST!!!

OK! I am in total panic! There's a huge pile of STUFF in the corner of my dinning room...homework spread out on the desk in the living room...pictures all over the place BUT I vaccumed and cleaned the house - where's the priority?! I'm off to CKU-A tomorrow - UGH!!!!! OK, I have until tomorrow afternoon to get my act together.

So, thought I'd post here and maybe I'd feel better? LOL! I feel better! So much that I'll post some pictures on what I've been working on such as:

This is for our album track ("Elements of Style") "All About ME" layout swap.

I'm hoping to make more of these for the tag swap (a lot of folks have made 100)...really liked how it turned out but the work on these things! I have to remember to save one for me! LOL!

This page was for a CKU themed page swap and everyone got theirs back BEFORE we headed to CKU. Then Charity (our host) did something special...she made a CD of ALL the pages and sent one to every participant! WOW!! What a sweetie!!!

OK...now I really need to get stuff done. I already have a quarter of it in the car so I'm doing good for now! LOL! Wish me luck! Hope to post some more when I recover! :0)

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