Friday, February 17, 2006

Swaps & Stuff...

Well, let's say that these swaps of mine are really getting out of hand! Can't leave the house without the pressure of completing one or making a major dent or mailing out one before the deadline!!! AH!!!!!! LOL!

Today was one of those days AND the boys had half day of school so while they were studying away, mom was power altering 20 CDs for a swap that needed to be out by the afternoon! This was the end result...what do you think? Yeah, I'm crazy but I'm a scrapbooker - LOL!!!

This is the front of the altered CDs and...

here are the back.

Then I went ahead and finished Dawn's CJ (theme: CKU)...a semi-altered CD. It came out like this...

I finally broke down and bought those darn Prima Flowers! But you know, they are cute on this layout...hope Dawn thinks so too!

Oh, before I forget, I also wanted to show the other CJ (theme: Friendship). I recently went to a "late" holiday dinner party that was hosted by my college roommate & pledge sister @ Gamma Phi Beta (obviously before I joined Delta Zeta Sorority!), Rita. Then this CJ arrived! I've known these ladies since froshman year back in August of 1980! So that makes it 26 years that we've known each other and kept in touch for that long! Especially with me...moving to Japan, Chicago, New Jersey and back to Chicago. So decided to make a layout of my special friendship with them and the second page is friendship quotes that I have enjoyed in the past.

The next CJ challenge is grandfather theme...YIKES! A tough one but I'm ready! Can't decide whether to do my father as a grandfather or my own grandfather...hmmm.

In the meanwhile, I have to finish a rolodex swap. I did one but not sure if I like it's back to sketching another idea. But have to get to bed...another Saturday morning and that means Saturday Japanese School! This time we will go straight to school...I have library duty from 9am to 12:15pm. There seems to be a pattern this year, I've been going to that school once a month (well, March is the end of the school year so that might be why I'm not going in for anything). In April, I'm on school yard duty....what is school yard duty?! LOL!! I have to make sure the kids play safely and think we parents have nothing to do on Saturdays?! But I will cooperate AND it's another excuse to take picture (unless that's in the rule book) - heehee! Good night all!

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