Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years on 9-11

Can't believe it's been 10 years...seems like days...we were near by on the NJ side as our townhome was right on the Hudson River facing Manhattan (upper west side). The play backs of that day on the TV just hits too close to home for me.

I refuse to look back at the fear/terror, I look to the good in all this. Like NY/NJ residents opening their homes to perfect strangers when they were walking on the bridges out of NYC. Some couldn’t walk any more, some needed water or a phone to call loved ones.

Yesterday, I received the following email from the MeetUp group which I'd like to share - this is what I'm talking about - the good...

"Fellow Meetuppers,

I don't write to our whole community often, but this week is special because it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and many people don't know that Meetup is a 9/11 baby.

Let me tell you the Meetup story. I was living a couple miles from the Twin Towers, and I was the kind of person who thought local community doesn't matter much if we've got the internet and tv. The only time I thought about my neighbors was when I hoped they wouldn't bother me.

When the towers fell, I found myself talking to more neighbors in the days after 9/11 than ever before. People said hello to neighbors (next-door and across the city) who they'd normally ignore. People were looking after each other, helping each other, and meeting up with each other. You know, being neighborly.

A lot of people were thinking that maybe 9/11 could bring people together in a lasting way. So the idea for Meetup was
born: Could we use the internet to get off the internet -- and grow local communities?

We didn't know if it would work. Most people thought it was a crazy idea -- especially because terrorism is designed to make people distrust one another.

A small team came together, and we launched Meetup 9 months after 9/11.

Today, almost 10 years and 10 million Meetuppers later, it's working. Every day, thousands of Meetups happen. Moms Meetups, Small Business Meetups, Fitness Meetups... a wild variety of 100,000 Meetup Groups with not much in common -- except one thing.

Every Meetup starts with people simply saying hello to neighbors. And what often happens next is still amazing to me. They grow businesses and bands together, they teach and motivate each other, they babysit each other's kids and find other ways to work together. They have fun and find solace together. They make friends and form powerful community. It's powerful stuff.

It's a wonderful revolution in local community, and it's thanks to everyone who shows up.

Meetups aren't about 9/11, but they may not be happening if it weren't for 9/11.

9/11 didn't make us too scared to go outside or talk to strangers. 9/11 didn't rip us apart. No, we're building new community together!!!!

The towers fell, but we rise up. And we're just getting started with these Meetups.

Scott Heiferman
(on behalf of 80 people at Meetup HQ)
Co-Founder & CEO, Meetup New York City September 2011"

Thanks Scott!

Thanks for stopping by. Hug your loved ones a little harder today!
MargieH xo


Mary Pat Siehl said...

that is awesome! tfs that letter!

Tracy said...

That is so special.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Connie said...

awesome blog post~I had know idea, I'm glad your posted about this!!! I think you are that KIND of person and I have never meet you. cm

Holly - Wild Wyoming Art Cafe' said...

Loved this Margie. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Simply elegant Margie! Love the big beautiful doily!