Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to pop in before getting the turkey ready to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

I created this tri-fold luminary for my post on Spellbinders Blog yesterday. My dining room table is clear from all things scrapbooking and (almost) ready for a Thanksgiving feast. I have this in there but did a test run and it glows so well - love those flameless tea candles! LOL!!

SO THANKFUL for these guys especially this year for helping me through a most difficult time - death of my father. Love you guys! xo

THANKFUL for all of my friends - have to love FaceBook for getting/keeping in touch with them! Love hi-tech...well, most of the time! LOL!

Special thank you to my friends who came to see me this month from IA-MI-MA-IL (thank you, Kimberly!) for one of the best times of my life! You all lifted my spirits more than you can image and I needed it! THANK YOU!!

PLUS... "Love My Memories" Magazine and LaserLine Company.

THANKFUL for all the companies and magazines I've had the privilege to work with them - TRULY honored to be a part of!

What are you thankful for?

OK...better get that turkey ready...have three HUNGRY boys on the loose! LOL! Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!!! xo


Emi said...

Hi Margie. Happy Thanksgiving!
beautiful decor! and good looking family :) I am sorry about your dad. Didn't know that.

giatocj said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Margie!!! LOVE your project, as always!!! I also loved our MiniJam 2010...what a time we had. My jaw is STILL sore from all the laughing!!!



Linda said...

What a GREAT time we had visiting you Margie, and I'm with cheeks still hurt too. I swear. The next time we get together, I'm grabbing a package of Depends for all of us to share. LOL!!! Would sure save us a lot of time trying to find a bathroom every half a mile!

Thanksgiving is a GREAT time to remember. Good friends. Good times. Good memories. Glad we got to share some of all of the above together recently. And another thing I'm grateful for is you making all of us so small in the picture! (You know how much I hate having my picture taken.)

I hope your Thanksgiving is a great one. I know it'll probably be somewhat sad for you, but every time you start feeling a little down, remember Miss Kimberly and the frickin' airstrip - and that should put a smile on your face.

Thanks for all you did to make our stay in Chi-town fun. Another thing I'm grateful for today. BIG HOLIDAY HUGS!!!

momtojjgbzr said...

WOW! Who would have EVER guessed that a Yahoo group could bring together such fabulous women! I am TRULY honored to be able to call my mimJam friends friends! I am so thankful that I was able to share the many days that we did together. And Margie...I absolutely LOVED the time that I got to spend with you walking the streets of Chicago!! I hope that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! Can't wait to hear about all of your Black Friday finds! Love to you all!