Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where did April go?! LOL!!!

Hey all!
So sorry to be slacking in the blogging department....

Many things happening as it is the beginning of the school year for Japanese school and guess what! I was "chosen" (by lottery) to become my oldest DS' class mom (8th grade). Somewhere in the definition of "volunteer," the translation forgot to include own free will. LOL!! Each year, the mothers pick out a number from the "hat" and if you are in the top (at least) five, you're it. It also gives you an automatic "in" to the PTA "inner circle" which means you have to draw a number again at the end of the year to see if you are "it" on the executive board or committee head. Lucky for me that I have a "partner in crime"...almost all classes have 2 class moms. She is very cool so I am lucky to partner with her..well, maybe she isn't so lucky to have me! LOL!!!

Also we had a stamping/scrapbooking open house toward the end of April for the Japanese community. I had only two full days to prep as my parents were visiting from out of town. I think my best seller was the personalized papers that had either CUBS, SOX, BEARS or Chicago landmarks on them. I had some people interested in pursuing scrapbooking so that's always a PLUS!

Here are some of the things I made for the open house. The single flower has a stamped imagine on the this case, either "Happy Mother's Day" or "You're so Sweet." I thought it would be cute to have a 3D "card" rather than just a regular card. The mirrors turned out really favorite was an all-pink w/ cupcakes on it! CUTE! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of it. That one sold in the first few minutes of the show! LOL!!!!

I mentioned my parents were in was so nice to have them here. The boys just loved having their grandparents over. This time was a VERY SHORT trip. So we'll have to make a trip to LA (next time they're in the States) or to Japan (which is long overdue). Thanks for coming, mom & dad!!! xoxoxoxo

My scrapbooking classes have been keeping me busy! Right before my parents' visit, I had classes almost everyday! LOL! I don't know if that is good or bad but I'm having fun!

Lastly, I do want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day...hope it is a day full of good memories!

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miho said...

Congrats!Margie-san:) You're lucky,you won "Chu-sen"!!
You're so busy...but you have lots of fun time too. I wish I was there...