Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My 7 Random Facts.... friend, BeckyC, has gotten me out to post this - LOL!! Thanks, Miss B!

1. I LOVE the holiday season!

2. I HATE eggnog = YUK!

3. I LOVE "Miracle on 34th Street" & "The Christmas Carol"

4. I HATE the cold! We just got 5+" of snow dumped on last night & this morning.

5. I LOVE how the houses are decorated outside! We don't have landscaping at our new house (new construction) so that's in next year's budget.

6. I HATE the crowds during this time...even at the grocery store it's crowded! LOL!

7. I LOVE that we reconnect with friends & family through calls, parties and holiday cards!

OK....I tag everyone that's posting or lurking on my blog! LMK by leaving a comment so I can see what fun facts I learn about you!

1 comment:

BeckyChabot said...

awwwwwwwwww I wish we were neighbors, we have so much in common, HATE the cold, love the season and decorated houses. It got too cold here before I was able to get lights up, we're having a BAD winter. Happy Holidays